The entrance to Club BPEMA in Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade: How to Open Club BPEMA Door

You’ll need the code to the Club BPEMA door in Edios 7 in Stellar Blade if you want to progress. Fortunately, we’ve already found it for you.

As you explore Edios 7 in Stellar Blade, you’ll come across a few doors or chests that require codes to be opened. One such door is the entrance to Club BPEMA. If you’re sick of looking at lock wondering how to get in, don’t worry. We’ve got the exact code you need in order to get through and continue Stellar Blade’s story.

Stellar Blade Clube BPEMA Door Code

The code to open the door to Club BPEMA in Edios 7 in Stellar Blade is 1225. It is the same as the time on the clocktower opposite the door. If you want to find the code for yourself, simply turn around and look at the clock tower in the distance. The little hand is on 12, and the big hand is on the 5 or 25 past. So, the time is 12:25, and therefore, the code is 1225.

You can actually dive into the pool to the right of the door and find a dead Legion soldier in there. If you interact with their body, you’ll get a note that tells you to look at the clock tower. It’s a simple puzzle, but definitely not obvious, especially if you didn’t find the dead body. Here is what the code should look like.

Edios 7 is full of small puzzles that you’ll need to complete in order to progress. Fortunately, you’re not far from the game’s first boss, so look forward to that. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Guide Hub for more Stellar Blade content. That way, you won’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out another puzzle again.

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