SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) eSports Key Art

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) Review: Tenkeyless Yet Feature Rich

Small gaming keyboards are growing in popularity every day, but many trade keys and features in favor of the compact size. The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming peripherals, allowing you to take your gaming to the next level without sacrificing any of the basic features of a keyboard.

Design and Features

The keyboard’s Omnipoint 2.0 mechanical switches are the standout feature, offering adjustable key sensitivity and dual-action capabilities. The customization of actuation points between 0.1mm and 4.0mm provides players with a competitive edge in gaming scenarios. If you both press an action key at the same time, it could come down to milliseconds, and the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) will have the edge. The SteelSeries website features the best settings for popular games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant, so this is a great starting point.

The dual-action keys allow two functions to operate per key. The easiest scenario for this utilization is to split walking and running on the same key in games. A light press will allow you to walk, and pressing the key all the way down will allow you to run, similar to the PlayStation’s Dualsense controller.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) dual-action key example
SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) dual-action key example

Performance and User Experience

The keyboard itself is fairly compact (355mm x 128mm x 42 mm) and barely takes up any space on the desk. The keys themselves are made from PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), are fadeproof, and are made to withstand 100 million presses, which is going to take a while if you put it to the test. With a detachable USB-C cable and a fairly robust, lightweight design (960g), the keyboard could be utilized as a travel keyboard.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) is completed with a magnetic detachable wrist rest that feels incredible to rest on, and the removable element makes it even more satisfying. However, while convenient, it lacks sufficient padding needed for extended gaming sessions, which could leave you with a sore wrist.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023), Mouse, and Headset
SteelSeries Family of Peripherals

App Integration and Configuration

The Apex Pro TKL’s tenkeyless design sacrifices the numerical keypad in favor of a sleeker profile, accommodating a customizable OLED display in the top right corner. This display not only adds a futuristic aesthetic but also provides valuable information, including in-game stats, system metrics, and third-party app integration for games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike. It’s also completely customizable, with the ability to add your own image when not playing a game. Of course, you can utilize additional app integrations to allow your keyboard to flash different colors depending on the music, and the Prism sync features allow this to be synced across all your SteelSeries RGB devices for a little rave.

Unfortunately, this is all done through the SteelSeries GG app, which does tend to feel bloated with features. The SteelSeries app provides a large amount of features for those wanting to customize every aspect of their device, but if you are only using the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023), a lot of the functions are unnecessary. However, accessing the improved features of the keyboard requires the app to be downloaded and running. Sonar for Streamers is a great addition to microphone clarity, but if you are only using the keyboard, then it must be disabled manually in the settings. In contrast, if this isn’t your first SteelSeries peripheral, then the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) will slot straight into the family with no issues, and having one app to rule them all is a feature I thoroughly appreciate.

SteelSeries GG App for  SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023)
SteelSeries GG App for SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023)

Value for Money

Ultimately, the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) impresses with its compact design, innovative features, and unparalleled adjustability, making the keyboard feel premium and justifying the associated high price tag. For RRP AU$449, the Apex Pro TKL might seem overpriced to the casual user, but for esports and competitive gamers, this is a top contender in the gaming keyboard market.

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SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) eSports Key Art
SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) Review
The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) is a compact gaming keyboard that excels in delivering cutting-edge features without sacrificing essential functionalities. Its standout features include a customizable OLED display, Omnipoint 2.0 mechanical switches offering adjustable sensitivity, and dual-action keys for enhanced gaming flexibility. The magnetic detachable wrist rest adds comfort, but the limited padding could be a concern for extended gaming sessions. Despite a high price tag, the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023) earns praise for its premium design and features, making it a strong contender in the gaming keyboard market, particularly for esports and competitive gamers.
Omnipoint 2.0 mechanical switches
Compact and sleek design
Customizable OLED display
Dual-action keys
High-quality build
High price tag for casual gamers
Limited wrist rest padding