SteelSeries Alias Hero Shot of Microphones and Sonar for Streamers

SteelSeries Unveils Alias, A Gaming Microphone Designed to Make you Sound like a Pro


SteelSeries has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the dynamic realm of gaming and content creation. Their Alias series microphones and Sonar for Streamers software redefine gaming microphone standards and set a new benchmark for streamers and content creators alike. 

The Alias series has two different choices, priced at AU$399 and AU$699, respectively. However, despite the pricing disparities, both the Alias and Alias Pro models are indispensable tools for content creators.

Alias and Alias Pro Features

At the heart of both models lies a 1″ (25mm) capsule, 3x the surface area of some of the more popular competitors, and allows for extended vocal frequency capture. Pairing this with the built-in SteelSeries Shock Mount, which has been designed to reduce vibrations from the desk to the microphone while securely holding the microphone in place, you can expect crystal-clear voice reproduction. This feature sets SteelSeries apart from other popular competitors, where the shock mount is primarily cosmetic without offering the same level of performance.

If that wasn’t enough, the Alias microphones come with the Sonar for Streamers software. This entirely free companion delivers real-time audio level and EQ monitoring, providing the perfect culmination of hardware and software. With its AI Noise-Canceling features, you can say goodbye to background noise interference, as this technical marvel intelligently filters out ambient sounds, so you’re audience will no longer have to hear your dog barking in the background.

Compatible with popular streaming platforms like OBS, the Sonar for Streamers software ensures your audio is finely tuned for professional-quality broadcasts. Additionally, it offers the ability to convert input/output to OBS as a single selection, whereas, when extracted for post-editing, it separates all channels. This feature simplifies the process of removing specific elements like music and chat, providing a hassle-free way to address DMCA concerns during your streams. The convenience of a USB-C Connection also ensures seamless compatibility and setup with different devices.

SteelSeries Alias Hero Shot of both microphones
SteelSeries Alias (Left) and SteelSeries Alias Pro (Right)

The Differences and Which Microphone Should You Choose? 

While both models share a common foundation, the Alias and Alias Pro cater to different needs within the content creation spectrum. The Alias caters to gamers and content creators, providing a fuss-free, plug-and-play USB-C solution for achieving professional-grade audio. It offers an embedded LED Level Display and on-mic controls for adjustment, so you can always visualise your audio output live and make changes if necessary. Finally, you can control your setup even further with customisable Prism RGB Illumination to keep your RGB colours consistent across all SteelSeries products. 

For those aiming for a professional touch, the Alias Pro stands out with its XLR connection, allowing seamless integration into professional broadcasting setups. For complete control, the Alias Pro connects to a dedicated Stream Mixer, with the left side providing a gain toggle that provides a real-time LED colour level display and the right-hand side dial and button being

completely mappable. This Mixer also provides the opportunity to output the audio to two PCs simultaneously via USB-C, providing the complete package in one configuration. 

Ultimately, choosing between the Alias and Alias Pro depends on your specific needs within the content creation spectrum. The Alias microphone is for content creators after a streamlined experience that’s easy to set up yet still benefits from a rich plethora of valuable features. On the other hand, if you’re after a more intricate yet professional experience, then you’ll want the Alias Pro. It won’t be for everyone and costs slightly more, but it will offer more flexibility and function for those who want to achieve more than what a USB microphone can provide. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a top-of-the-range microphone that will handle everything you throw at it. 

SteelSeries Alias Hero Shot of Keyboard, Mic, and Headphones

Where to Purchase a SteelSeries Alias or Alias Pro Microphone

The SteelSeries Alias and Alias Pro Microphones are available to purchase now in Australia. You can pick up the SteelSeries Alias Microphone for $399 at JB Hi-Fi and the Alias Pro for $699

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