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Star Wars Outlaws Has Been Delayed Until After April 2024

Star Wars Outlaws, the stunning open-world game set in a galaxy far, far away, has unfortunately been delayed.

The latest upcoming game was a standout game during both the Xbox Showcase and Ubisoft Forward in June. While it is sad to see a game of this calibre be delayed, it’s also great for the developers to acknowledge that it isn’t quite ready.

Star Wars Outlaws Delay Information

Despite Star Wars Outlaws never being assigned an exact release date, Ubisoft had tentatively slated it for release within the current fiscal year, implying a target launch date before April 2024.

However, the latest earnings report by Ubisoft states that a “large game” has been pushed to the FY2024-25 to “maximize its value creation”. Considering no other significant games are launching during this period, it’s easy to assume that the report is referring to Star Wars Outlaws.

With so many great games coming out in 2024, a delay is probably the best thing for the game. Especially considering the number of games that have been released as a buggy mess in the last few years.

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When Will Star Wars Outlaws Release?

While there is no exact information on when Star Wars Outlaws will be released, the report states that the game will launch after April 2024. Therefore, it will most likely be released in the latter half of the year.

If you haven’t seen the Star Wars Outlaws trailer, you should check the gameplay out here.


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