Solium Infernum is a Turned-based political Strategy Game set in Hell, Coming Next Year

During the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, developer League of Geeks announced the release date of its dark strategy game Solium Infernum.

The much-anticipated strategy game Solium Infernum has finally announced its release date for fans after its demo became inaccessible just under a month ago. During this hell-based game, you’ll discover just how deceitful you can be during your journey to claim the Infernal Throne. Below, you’ll find more information on Solium Infernum.

What Is Solium Infernum?

Solium Infernum is a turned-based political grand strategy game set in the depths of Hell. As an Archfiend of Hell, you must fight with rivals to become a leader of Hell’s infernal regions. You’ll have many tactics at your disposal to gain your victory, ranging from bluffing to backstabbing to intense betrayal. Solium Infernum is a game centered around deceit and outsmarting your opponent while exploiting Hell to claim the Throne.

Solium Infernum offers a range of game options, including a single-player mode with several story-driven scenarios and skirmishes for you to experience. Additionally, there are shorter solo modes that only require a maximum of four hours to complete. You’ll also have access to online multiplayer with custom asynchronous matches with a maximum of six players. Additionally, Solium Infernum offers a multiplayer mode that takes a week to complete with six players. However, this match will only require players to play a few minutes each day of the week.

When Does Solium Infernum Release?

Solium Infernum is scheduled to be released on PC via Steam on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. If you want to access a demo to see if this hellish game is for you, or if you are looking to experience more of Solium Infernum before launch, fans can expect an upcoming multiplayer playtest in early 2024.

Solium Infernum – Release Date Reveal Trailer

That’s everything we currently know about Solium Infernum; if you think this game is for you, you can currently Wishlist this grand strategy game on Steam.