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Sniperpunk Launches Open Beta, and Here’s How You Can Play

Enter Ctrl Studios is happy to announce that their exhilarating 1v1 bullet-hell roguelite game Sniperpunk has entered into Open Beta.

Fortunately, if you are interested in challenging your friends and truly settle on who the best gamer is in a 1v1, then you participate in the Beta. Here’s how to do it:

How Can I Play The Sniperpunk Beta?

To celebrate the game’s upcoming release, Enter Ctrl Studios is offering a free game key for fans. Here are the steps to secure your Sniperpunk Open Beta key:

  1. Join the Enter CTRL Studios Discord:
  2. Navigate to the SNIPERPUNK “beta-keys” Text Channel
  3. Type “!BETA” in the channel
  4. Receive a DM from the channel Bot with a Steam Key
  5. Beat your friends in a 1v1

Players can claim two keys during this event, one for yourself and one for a friend. So, no reason not to challenge each other. Currently, there is no end date for the Beta period.

Sniperpunk In-game Screenshot

What is Sniperpunk?

Sniperpunk is a 1v1 top-down, round-based roguelite shooter that challenges players to outwit their opponents promising fast-paced, local or online matches.

After each round, players can choose power-ups to improve their Punk’s abilities and weapons. They can select items to enhance stats or add special effects like explosive bullets. The longer you play, the more upgrades and abilities you can wreak havoc with, and the first person to seven kills wins.

The Sniperpunk demo launched on Steam in late 2022, with a full release planned for October. It is not known if the game will be coming to other platforms.


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