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SNIPERPUNK Enters Early Access Alpha Today and it’s Free-to-Play

Ctrl Studio is proud to announce that the exhilarating new 1v1 bullet-hell rogue-lite game, SNIPERPUNK, has entered Early Access Alpha today.

SNIPERPUNK is a 1v1 top-down, round-based rogue-lite shooter that challenges players to outwit their opponents promising fast-paced, local or online matches. After each round, players can choose power-ups to improve their Punk’s abilities and weapons. They can select items to enhance stats or add special effects like explosive bullets. The longer you play, the more upgrades and abilities you can wreak havoc with.

The Alpha release of SNIPERPUNK features 4 playable Punks. Though their abilities remain somewhat mysterious, the trailer and screenshots provide some insights. The roster includes Molotov Tommy, Cornelia Steel, Evak 47 – a cyborg assassin, and Hoshiko Eclipse – a futuristic character armed with a laser blaster. Each character promises a unique playstyle, adding variety to the gameplay experience. Experiment with various ability and upgrade combinations to discover powerful synergies and unleash them upon your friends.


Initially, Ctrl Studio aimed to create an RPG. However, they soon realised the importance of prioritising quality over quantity.

Inspired by Atari’s Outlaw, they shifted their focus to a multiplayer arena experience. Under Andrew Hunt’s leadership, the team expanded, developing networked PvP combat that would provide a fresh and engaging gaming experience for players around the world.

SNIPERPUNK‘s distinct style emerged rapidly, with a compelling prototype in just two weeks. Over the next two years, the team grew to over 15 developers. They dedicated their efforts to refining various aspects of the game, including audio, networking, graphics, and the character roster.

Additionally, Ctrl Studio has worked tirelessly to build a thriving Discord community, sharing game updates and connecting with fans. Their commitment to engaging with the fanbase extends to various social media platforms, including Twitter and TikTok.

How Can I Play The SNIPERPUNK Alpha?

To celebrate the game’s impending release, Ctrl Studio is offering a free game key for fans.

By following a few simple steps, fans can secure their early access to SNIPERPUNK and join in on the fun before the official launch. Firstly, players must join the SNIPERPUNK Discord channel. Then, users can secure their key by typing “!alphakey”. Finally, players will receive a private message with the key and further details required to activate the Alpha.

The SNIPERPUNK demo launched on Steam in late 2022, with a full planned release sometime this year. It is not known if the game will be coming to other platforms. You can check out the trailer here.

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