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Does Armored Core 6 Have Co-Op?

Armored Core 6 is out soon and with previous games featuring multiplayer features, players are wondering if the latest game in the series will have co-op.

FromSoftware has had co-op in their other titles such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring. So it makes sense for Armored Core 6 to provide similar features.

Mech Melee - Armored Core 6
Mech Melee, Image Credit – Steam

Other games in the Armored Core franchise had co-op-type modes featuring a team of up to five others that could face another team of AI enemies. However, according to the dev team, the newest entry will not feature any cooperative mode or campaign.

Those who are fans of just a PvE experience with friends will, unfortunately, not be getting that with Armored Core 6. However, multiplayer is not totally absent from the game though.

Is There Multiplayer in Armored Core 6?

Fans of PvP multiplayer will be pleased as the game will feature a versus-style of multiplayer mech combat. The multiplayer modes available in Armored Core 6 will be quite straightforward, with players able to compete in 1v1 and 3v3 matches.

Therefore, players looking for more than just a campaign to play will be in luck as the game will have these multiplayer modes available at launch. At its core though, the latest game is very much a single-player narrative-focused experience.

Armored Core 6 - Combat versus AI
Mech versus AI, Image Credit – Steam

Platform and Release Details

Armored Core 6 is releasing on August 25, 2023, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

The game is available to pre-order through all platform storefronts including Steam.


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