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Humourous Grammar Simulator, Grammarian Ltd, Launching This April

Developers Algorocks and Simpleton have announced that their upcoming Papers Please style grammar game, Grammarian Ltd, is launching this April.

If you’ve ever thought that shifting through documents, solving grammar issues and desperately trying not to get fired all while sorting out your own life would make for the perfect game, then boy is Grammarian Ltd for you. Developed by the folks behind Startup Panic, Grammarian Ltd is ostensibly a game all about the wonderful and oftentimes frustrating art of correcting grammar. Developer Algorocks’ CEO, Adib Toriq spoke about trying to find a game about grammar and in the end just making it themselves.

“I’ve always struggled with grammar. So, I thought, there should be a game for this, right? I mean, with 750 million people learning English as a foreign or second language, you would expect there to be some exciting games to strengthen those skills. But most of the games I found were like chocolate-covered broccoli. Meaning that they offered a benefit, but they were certainly not appetizing.

Grammarian Ltd. is our attempt at making a new kind of treat with all the benefits of a traditional learning game. We want the player to feel the enjoyment of the game while at the same time learning grammar.”

Adib Toriq ~ Algorocks
Grammarian Ltd - Dialogue
Image Credit – Algorocks/Simpleton

You can check out the game’s trailer here.

What Is Grammarian Ltd?

Grammarian Ltd is an educational simulation game set in the trepidatious year of 2099. In this dystopian world, it is decreed that everyone should correctly use grammar or else suffer the consequences. You are unexpectedly thrust into the role of a grammar validator and must do your best to maintain the pretence that you should be in that role for as long as possible. Think Papers Please meets The Good Place. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches this April:

  • Sort through 1000+ documents and solve their grammar issues
  • Educate yourself on correct grammar through using the game’s 80 instructional books
  • Engross yourself in a lighthearted narrative
  • Upgrade and decorate your apartment
  • Listen to a slew of great tunes

Release Date

Grammarian Ltd is due to launch on April 20th for Steam, the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is currently no word on pricing. Head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it and try out its free demo.

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