Rogue-Lite Shooter Die After Sunset Enters Early Access This Month

On Monday, PQube and developer Playstark announced that Die After Sunset will be available in Steam Early Access later this month.

Die After Sunset is an upcoming third-person shooter rougelite that will be entering Steam Early Access very soon. According to the game’s Steam store page, it will remain in Early Access for between 9 to 12 months, with the caveat that they “understand that development bumps may appear and delay our schedule.” The Early Access version of the game will contain two full levels, with the proposed full release having between 5 and 6. The developers also spoke about the importance of the community in helping the game grow.

“We want the community to be key and be part of the evolution of this title. Die After Sunset is a modular game in constant growth and the community will be an important piece to verify that we are going in the right direction. Our intention is to make constant updates and consult you through Steam Community Forums and Discord to ensure the shot.”

Image Credit – PQube

You can check out the game’s announcement trailer here.

What is Die After Sunset?

Die After Sunset is a unique third-person rougelite with enough innovation to shake up the genre. Players will attempt to defeat upwards of five levels in a single run while dealing with an alien invasion. While in the light the Murkor aliens are rather adorable, should they reach the shadows they’ll turn into terrifying beasts. You’ll complete randomised quests, collect a whole load of loot and prepare yourself to fend off against deadly bosses. There’s so much more to discover in Die After Sunset, but here is just some of what you can expect:

  • Fight against a unique horde of aliens that are stronger in the dark
  • Equip yourself with dozens of unique items and power ups
  • Bide your time before the boss arrives by completing randomised quests and challenges
  • Take on three unique bosses in frighteningly fearsome battles
  • Immerse yourself in the game’s stunning world
  • Play alongside friends in the Co-op mode.
Die After Sunset - Gameplay
Image Credit – PQube

Release Date and Price

Die After Sunset releases into Steam Early Access this February 11th, 2022. You can pick up the game for a 20% discount during launch week, which brings the price down to £9.99/€11.99/$11.99. Head on over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of future updates.