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Skull & Bones: Will it Be On Xbox Game Pass?

Players hoping to try out Ubisoft’s pirate adventure Skull and Bones for free on Xbox Game Pass may be a little disappointed.

Xbox Game Pass offers players fantastic value with hundreds of games to download. Typically, Ubisoft games have come as a part of that subscription. Even the likes of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed have been made available through it. Naturally, many would like to give seafaring a whirl for free through Game Pass to see if it’s for them. After all, with so many subscribers, it’s the best way to play with your friends. Below, we explain if it is available on Game Pass.

Is Skull and Bones On Xbox Game Pass?

No, Skull and Bones is not coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day, Friday, February 16. It will likely not be on Game Pass for a while afterward. If you want to play Skull and Bones on Xbox, you’ll need to purchase the full game either physically or digitally. However, you will need at least Xbox Game Pass Core in order to play it, as it is a multiplayer-exclusive game.

Of course, it is possible that Skull and Bones will eventually come to Xbox Game Pass. After all, previous Ubisoft games, including the Far Cry series, have made their way to Game Pass. However, fans should not expect it any time soon, as it will likely remain on Ubisoft’s own subscription service, Ubisoft+, first and foremost.

A pirate ship in Skull and Bones

We will update this article if Skull and Bones is ever brought to the subscription service. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Guide hub for more Skull and Bones content just like this one.

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  1. LoL it will come to gamepass soon enough. The CEO was disappointed ac VR, just wait till he sees how bad skull and bones does. A true aa game he heralds as a aaaa game. Which it clearly is not…

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