Rightfully, Beary Arms Key Art

Rightfully, Beary Arms PC Review: An Ambitious Roguelite with Room for Improvement

Roguelite games are starting to release more frequently, and many are providing special elements that change the gameplay in their own way. Rightfully, Beary Arms, by Daylight Basement Studio LLC, is an ambitious roguelite game that aims to deliver its own exciting and unique gaming experience by introducing additional elements that you retain after dying and also death cons. Unfortunately, not all of it quite hits the mark in its current state.

Rightfully, Beary Arms is a bullet hell roguelite game where you play as a bear, aptly known as Beary. There is no current narrative built into the game, but Beary’s goal is clearly to travel with their spaceship to different areas on the map and defeat any being that gets in their way. Each level provides specific rewards, which are visible before you begin. However, each item is shown as a random percentage, so there is no guarantee the item is available.

“Radar jams are another distinct element in Rightfully, Beary Arms.”

The game plays out similarly to other roguelites where you battle, die, earn permanent rewards, and repeat. Naturally, there are some elements that individualise Rightfully, Beary Arms, with the most notable being the calamity system. Calamities provide negative effects for your run as a result of your death or if you defeat a boss. These can range from 25% extra enemies in each room to no visual item reward percentages. While there are only a limited amount of different calamities, it is a unique feature that sets the game apart.

Radar jams are another distinct element in Rightfully, Beary Arms, and are the fuel you need to fly your spaceship. You start each run with 150, and moving one space on the map uses 50. Moving two spaces in one trip uses 100, and so on. Running out of Radar Jam will result in you being found by the enemy and result in you having to defeat a challenging boss. While Radar Jams are fundamental to how the game functions, they don’t appear frequently enough as level completion rewards, so it feels like you are doomed to fight a boss every 3-4 levels.

Rightfully, Beary Arms Isn’t Without Issues

Rightfully, Beary Arms is an ambitious roguelite game that aims to deliver an exciting and unique gaming experience. While its overall performance is decent, there are some notable issues that need addressing. In my time playing the game, I ran into only one or two glitches where enemies couldn’t die, which, although not game-breaking, did detract from the overall immersion.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Rightfully, Beary Arms is the enemy spawn system. Due to the emphasis on close-quarters combat, enemies tend to spawn on top of you, making it incredibly challenging to avoid damage or even survive in some situations. This can lead to moments of frustration, where the odds feel stacked unfairly against you.

Another area that could use improvement is the controller support. While the game does offer controller compatibility, there are some issues when trying to adjust controls after initially setting up the controller. This can lead to unnecessary confusion and inconvenience for players who prefer using a gamepad.

Rightfully, Beary Arms Weapon Selection

“Rightfully, Beary Arms boasts a great art style that contributes to its overall charm.”

Rightfully, Beary Arms features a lot of weapons, even in its current state. From a pixelated blaser that only shoots on an X or Y axis to a finger-gun that operates like a shotgun, the wide array of different weapons adds depth to the gameplay and gives players multiple options to approach challenging encounters.

Unlike other games, you actually keep your base weapons and ammo when you die in Rightfully, Beary Arms, losing only the weapon upgrades. Your mouse controls the weapon and spins 360 degrees. However, in each direction you point, the game simulates a zoom effect, which can be a bit off-putting at times, and affect the overall gameplay experience. It would be beneficial for the developers to fine-tune these movements to ensure smoother and more enjoyable gameplay, or at least provide an option to remove it in the settings.

On a positive note, Rightfully, Beary Arms boasts a great art style that contributes to its overall charm. However, the game would greatly benefit from incorporating additional level designs, further enhancing the visual appeal and providing players with fresh environments to explore. This change would also increase the amount of enemy variety in the game.

Currently, the lack of enemy variety can hinder the overall longevity of the game. Facing the same foes repeatedly can become repetitive and dull after a while. Introducing more diverse enemy types and behaviours would inject a much-needed dose of variety and excitement into the gameplay.

Rightfully, Beary Yellowjacket Boss Fight

“It’s an Early Access Steam game that feels like a game in early access.”

Rightfully, Beary Arms showcases a lot of promise with its calamity system, diverse weapon options, and appealing art style. However, the game’s performance issues, enemy spawn system, and difficulty balancing need to be addressed to provide a more enjoyable experience for players. Fortunately, in less than a week since its release, the developer has already updated the game providing balancing updates, and a promise for a larger update to address issues.

Rightfully, Beary Arms is an Early Access Steam game that feels exactly how an early access game should feel. While there are elements of the game that feel unfinished, there is much promise for Rightfully, Beary Arms and it’s definitely a game I will keep a close eye on.


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