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Remnant 2: How to Find World’s Edge

Many secrets and items are being discovered within Remnant 2, including hidden weapons such as the devastating World’s Edge.

Since the game’s release, items such as new amulets, armor, and archetypes have been found throughout. Weapons are no exception to this rule. It is found that by completing certain prerequisites, hidden and powerful tools can be uncovered and new information on one such weapon has recently come to light; the World’s Edge

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What is The World’s Edge?

The World’s Edge is known as an apocalypse weapon and is one of four that are obtainable. The others are Repulsor, Starkiller, and Savior. The four weapons, are only obtainable through the hardest difficulty of the game known as “Apocalypse”. Each weapon is different and offers its unique damage and mods for players looking to keep the tide of the fight in their favor.

In the case of the World’s Edge, it is a melee weapon, more specifically a devastating sword that players should look to add to their inventory when able. It comes with its mod known as “Horizon Strike” which allows the player to create powerful, horizontal strikes that radiant from the sword as it is swung. A fantastic tool for any player, especially for those utilizing a melee-focused archetype such as the Challenger.

Fans of the original, Remnant: From The Ashes may notice this weapon to be slightly familiar, as it was obtainable by defeating the Harsgaard boss in the DLC known as Subject 2923.

World's Edge - Remnant 2

How to Get The World’s Edge in Remnant 2?

Players looking to obtain the sword must be prepared for a challenge. To unlock the weapon, a roll of the Remnant 2 campaign must be completed on the Apocalypse difficulty. Players will know they have completed a run once the final boss known as Annihilation has been bested.

After this is completed, return to Ward 13 and go to Brabus, located at the shooting range. The weapon will be unlocked for purchase from him for the price of 750 scrap. It is recommended that players have two archetypes equipped as well as all trait points earned.

The Apocalypse difficulty cannot be unlocked until players have completed an entire playthrough of the game’s campaign on any other difficulty. Therefore, to obtain the World’s Edge, you will need to play through the campaign at least twice.

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