Project Mugen Screenshot of overlooking City

Project Mugen Gameplay, Release Date and Pricing Details

NetEase Games are happy to unveil their Spider-Man-esque game, Project Mugen, set to transport players to another world with detailed cityscapes and lore.

Project Mugen is the current working title for the game and is subject to change before it releases on PlayStation 4/5, PC and mobile devices.

What is Project Mugen?

Project Mugen is an urban, open-world RPG game set in a world reminiscent of Earth, where urban legends become reality and humans coexist with the supernatural. Players step into the role of an Esper, known as the “Infinite Trigger”, and must navigate through vibrant cities, confronting anomalies and supernatural occurrences that threaten the balance of this unique urban paradise.

Your job is to find out what’s causing chaos and danger in the city. You’ll team up with friends who are other Espers, each with their own stories, and work together to save the world. Along the way, you’ll try to remember lost memories and find the key to saving everyone.

In Project Mugen, you can explore the city, see bright nightlife, and visit calm parks. You can fight with other characters, using things around you in the battle. You can also climb tall buildings, dive into subways, and move quickly through the city. The game’s pictures and style are modern and beautiful, capturing your attention at every turn. You can check out the trailer here.

Release Date and Pricing Details

There has been no announcement of a release date for Project Mugen yet. However, they have announced that it will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and also Mobile.

Project Mugen will also be a completely free title, releasing as a full free-to-play title, allowing all players access to its content. We can expect there will be some sort of microtransactions in the game to cater for the game being free.

Pre-registration for the game is now available via the Project Mugen Website. Click here to sign up.