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Professional Fishing 2 is Entering Early Access This Fall

The anticipated sequel to the realistic fishing game, Professional Fishing 2 is on the way and is releasing this fall.

Polish studio MasterCode released the first iteration of Professional Fishing back in 2018. It is built under the free-to-play model and was positively received by players, with 76% of reviews being positive on Steam.

Professional Fishing gives players the opportunity to make characters, grab equipment, and go fishing on large maps with friends. It features realistic mechanics when it comes to fishing. This includes battling it out with fish while they are caught, dynamic weather dictating which fish will be present, and location on the maps.

Professional Fishing 2 - Screenshot
Screenshot – MasterCode

What is Professional Fishing 2?

Professional Fishing 2 is MasterCode’s next iteration in the popular realistic fishing franchise. The game looks to bring in new gameplay elements that will improve upon its predecessor. New mechanics such as hunting and survival, moving between fishing areas in your own vehicles, and much more.

The sequel is looking to improve its realism as well by introducing more fish species, additional methods to fish, larger maps with more diverse wildlife, and both a first and third-person perspective. Professional Fishing 2 boasts many new features that are looking to give players a fresh new experience. It is with that in mind that the sequel is transitioning from a free-to-play game into a paid product.

The early access version of the game allows players to experience one large map, covering over 12 square kilometers. It will feature all types of water bodies: lakes, rivers, ponds, and a sea. The map gives players a deep look into what they can experience in the full title.

Release Date And Platform Details

Professional Fishing 2 will release in early access on Steam in September 2023. It will release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

It is available on the Steam wishlist now.

Professional Fishing 2 Demo Details

A PC demo is releasing in July 2023.

It will feature a single-player mode with online components taking place on one map.


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