Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Key Art with Diancie

Pokemon GO: What Events Are Happening in August?

Pokemon GO Trainers should prepare for an exhilarating August, packed with many events to be enjoyed around the world.

From London to Osaka to New York and with the excitement of the World Championships returning and unique Pokemon making their first appearances, every day of August will be an adventure. There is even a Pokemon Presents event happening this month as well.

What are the Pokemon Go Events for August?

Pokemon GO Fest: London & Osaka (August 4-6)

The month starts off with the Pokemon GO Fest happening in London and Osaka, offering fun and surprises.

Glittering Garden (August 5-8)

Next, the Glittering Garden event focuses on Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon, with different Pokemon appearing in local parks each day.

2023 World Championships (August 11-15)

The excitement continues with the return of the World Championships, featuring special challenges and potentially a new costumed Pikachu. Here are all the research tasks you need to complete the event.

Froakie Community Day (August 13)

The shiny version of the Gen 6 Water-type starter Froakie makes its debut on Froakie Community Day, adding a new dimension to the game.

Pokemon GO Fest: New York (August 18-20)

Mid-month, the Pokemon GO Fest in New York presents another opportunity for adventure and rare Pokemon encounters.

Noxious Swamp (August 19-22)

The mysterious Noxious Swamp event is likely to bring a surge of Poison-type Pokemon, adding an extra layer of challenge. You can check out all the Noxious Swamp Event details here.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global (August 26-27)

The month concludes with the global Pokemon GO Fest, packed with research tasks, wild spawns, and the chance to discover new shiny Pokemon.

Pokémon Go World Championships Yokohama Japan 2023 – Credit Niantic