Pet Dog Battle Pass Season 5 Warzone 2

Players Can Drop into Warzone Season 5 With A Dog

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are introducing a Tactical Pet dog called Merlin in their upcoming Season 5 update.

These furry companions will accompany players, providing company and engaging in lethal Finishers. To add these pets to your team, you can follow the steps outlined below.

A Tactical Pet is an animal ally that accompanies you through different game modes and can participate in unique Finishers. As of now, the only available Tactical Pet in Call of Duty is Merlin, obtainable through the Season 5 Blackcell Battle Pass purchase.

Blackcell Battle Pass Season 5 Warzone 2

How to Get a Tactical Pet Dog in MW2 and Warzone

To secure your Tactical Pet dog named Merlin, you’ll first need to unlock the Blackcell Battle Pass for Season 5. This Battle Pass can be purchased for USD$29.99/£24.99, and it provides an array of unique rewards, including the eagerly awaited Tactical Pet.

Once you’ve purchased the Blackcell Battle Pass, you’ll instantly gain access to these exclusive items:

  • Arthur Operator
  • Merlin Tactical Pet
  • Caliburn Tracer Weapon Blueprint
  • Gwen Battle Buddy Screen
  • New Dog Finishing Move

As soon as you’ve obtained the Blackcell Battle Pass, your Tactical Pet, Merlin, is ready for action. But note, while Merlin will follow you around, other players can’t harm him. He’s primarily there to provide companionship during the game, giving you a sense of camaraderie amidst the action.

Although Merlin is not just a spectator in Warzone; he can get involved in the action too. He can perform a special lethal Finisher move. However, for him to perform this move, you’ll need to equip both Merlin and the Dog Finishing Move separately in your loadout. If you don’t equip the finishing move, Merlin will still tag along but won’t engage in combat.

Investing USD$29.99/£24.99 in the Blackcell Battle Pass might seem steep, especially if you’re primarily looking for a companion in the game. On the bright side, this marks the beginning of the Tactical Pets feature in Call of Duty. With Activision hinting at further expanding this feature, we can anticipate more Tactical Pets to be introduced in future updates, making Merlin the trailblazer of this exciting new venture.

Warzone Season 5 introduces some new elements for players, including additional weapons, like the Carrack .300 and FC Advancer. If you want to check out more news and guides on Warzone 2, you can visit our guides hub here.

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