Palworld: How to Find & Get Honey

Obtaining the valuable resource, Honey, can be a tedious task when playing Palworld. Fortunately, we’re here to make it easier.

Since Palworld’s release, it has taken the world by storm with its winning combination of adorable creatures and rocket launchers. These Pals will help you fight and grow your base, and the stronger they are, the better they can be at those tasks. However, if you want to get your hands on the strongest Pals, you’ll need to start breeding and to do that, you’ll need Honey. Unfortunately, Honey can be a difficult resource to come by if you’re not looking in the right places. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below, we outline how to gather Honey in Palworld.

How to Get Honey in Palworld

In order to get Honey in Palworld, you’ll need to either defeat or capture any of the following four Pals: Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, and Warsect. These are the only Pals that currently drop Honey. When any of these Pals is defeated, they have a chance to drop honey in addition to other resources. It’s worth noting that some of these are higher-level Pals. So, make sure you’re at a high enough level when venturing out to find them.

Beegarde, Image Credit – Dot Esports

Players also have the option to capture a Beegarde. Once one is captured, they can be put on a ranch and begin automating Honey production. Beegarde is currently the only Pal that can produce honey at a ranch. While this is the best way to gain honey as you’ll have a consistent supply, it should be noted that it takes a decent amount of time for the Pal to produce honey.

Where to Find Pals That Drop Honey in Palworld

If you have already come across Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, and Warsect, then your Paldeck will reveal where they are located. However, if you’re struggling to find them, don’t worry. Below, we outline exactly where you can find them in Palworld.


Beegarde is found in the Mossanda Forest region and will usually be seen protecting Elizabee in packs, making capturing this helpful Pal a challenge. You’ll also need to be prepared when going up against a Beegarde, as when they attack, they will charge at you and then proceed to explode. You’ll be required to stun a Beegarde if you’d like to catch it.

In-game Screenshot of Beegarde location.
Image Credit – Dot Esports


Cinnamoth is found in multiple locations, but the best places to look are the Ancient Ruins and the Cinnamon Forest. These colorful Pals are usually easier to go up against and are found in pairs of two to three. Once provoked, they will begin to attack you, which can cause the other Cinnamoth in the pair to join. Unfortunately, this can also trigger other nearby Pals to start attacking you; you’ll need to be prepared when going up against Cinnamoth.

In-game Screenshot of Cinnamoth location.
Image Credit – Dot Esports


Elizabee is found in the Mossanda Forest region and will be seen among a pack of Beegarde’s who protect her. You’ll need to be careful and prepared as the Beegarde’s will charge at you and explode when provoked. Once you’ve defeated the Beegarde’s, you’ll go up against Elizabee, which alone is a powerful Pal. You’ll want to be at a high level when taking it on.

In-game Screenshot of Elizabee location.
Image Credit – Genshin Lab


Warsect is found on the No.2 Sanctuary island on the West side of the map in Palworld, which makes locating this Pal difficult. It has high defense and heat resistance, and when this Pal is close to you, you can find yourself killed quickly. This Pal is best defeated from a distance.

In-game Screenshot of Warsect location.
Image Credit – Genshin Lab

That’s everything you need to know about gathering Honey in Palword. If you’d like more guides about Palworld just like this one, feel free to check out our Guides Hub.