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Fallout TV Series Won’t Set Out to “Please the Fans”

Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of the Fallout TV series, has said that he doesn’t believe “you really can set out to please the fans of anything.”

The Fallout TV series has got fans excited. At least, for the most part. While many believe it to be a dream come true, some don’t believe it will live up to the hype. Well, Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of the show, has now gone on record saying that the show wasn’t designed with pleasing the fans in mind in the first place.

Fallout TV Series Co-Creator Says Show Won’t Set Out to “Please the Fans”

Jonathan Nolan has spoken about how the Fallout TV series wasn’t made to please the fans. In an interview with T3, Nolan, one of the co-creators of Amazon’s Fallout TV series, said, “I don’t think you really can set out to please the fans of anything. Or please anyone other than yourself.”

Nolan then spoke about how they attempted to make the show they wanted while trusting fans would still enjoy it. He said, “I  think you have to come into this trying to make the show that you want to make and trusting that, as fans of the game [ourselves], we would find the pieces that were essential to us… and try to do the best version.”

Of course, Nolan is a fan himself. In that same interview, he spoke about how playing Fallout 3 “devoured about a year” of his life. While he didn’t specify whether he blew up Megaton, he did say that the games are “so ludicrously playable and fun… seriously, the games were just incredible.”

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While diehard fans may be upset by Nolan’s comments, it gives us hope that the show could be good. The second trailer gave us a much better glimpse at the story of the show and was generally well-received. When asked by T3 whether the show would make fans happy, Nolan replied, “It’s kind of a fool’s errand to try to figure out how to make [other] people happy… You’ve got to make yourself happy. And I’ve made myself very happy with the show.”

So, it sounds like it’ll be a blast. Nolan did an admirable job writing the Batman trilogy alongside his brother, Christopher Nolan. He was also responsible for the critically acclaimed Westworld remake alongside Lisa Joy. She also happens to be the other creator of the Fallout TV series. Does Jonathan Nolan’s words inspire you? Or are you weary of how it’ll turn out? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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