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Fallout TV Show Easter Egg Teases Future Fallout News

A phone number that appears in the Fallout TV show has potentially revealed when the next major Fallout announcement could be.

The Fallout TV show has plenty of references and easter eggs that tease upcoming story beats and serve as fun nods to the games. However, one easter egg goes above and beyond as it has real-world implications. There’s a phone number you can call, and it teases a potentially big reveal for the future of the Fallout franchise.

Fallout TV Show Vault Tech Phone Number Teases Future News

During episode 6 of the Fallout TV show, titled The Trap, Walton Goggin’s character Cooper Howard hosts an infomercial for Vault Tech, telling viewers to call the number on screen in order to secure their place in the Vaults. Naturally, fans have rang and texted that number and have received a tease in return. If you call the number (which is 213-258-2858 or 001-213-258-2858 in the UK), you’ll hear a scream coming from the other end before it disconnects. Creepy stuff. Fortunately, texting it results in a nicer response.

Texting the Vault Tech phone number gets you a message that reads, “Thank you for texting Vault-Tec. The next available appointment is 33 weeks from now, please stand by!” Many fans theorize that this could indicate news about either an upcoming Fallout game or, more likely, Fallout Season 2 is coming in 33 weeks. It wouldn’t be a surprise to get news about the second season of the Fallout TV show 33 weeks after it aired, around Friday, November 29, 2024. After all, the second season has already been teased, including its filming location.

Fans have also predicted that this could just be a reference to Vault 33, which plays a pivotal role in the series. However, it seems ridiculous to have all this teasing just to do a wink and a nod to a Vault in the show. We’d like to believe this is a little more than that and could even be a hint at Fallout 5’s release date announcement. We’re dreaming, we know. But wouldn’t that be amazing? Now, we just need to embark on an agonizing 33-week wait. Tune into your Radiation King TVs then to see what all the fuss was about. Until then, check out our Guide Hub for more Fallout content.

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