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Is Once Human Coming to Console?

Once Human is releasing on Steam in late 2024, but will console players get to play it, too? Here is all we know.

Once Human is a new PC title, currently in its beta stages, with an expected Q3 2024 release date. It is a post-apocalyptic survival game in which players battle against different monsters, embark on quests, and create their settlements. After Fntastic announced the shutdown of The Day Before, many have been looking for alternatives. Once Human is hoping to fill that void. However, as there have only been mentions of a PC release, many are curious if the game will be coming to consoles. Below, we explain what platforms Once Human is expected to release for.

Is Once Human Coming to Consoles?

Once Human is a PC-exclusive launch when it releases, and there has been no mention of a console port of the game. However, as with other games that are released on PC first, such as Choo-Choo Charles or Among Us, if the game becomes popular enough, the potential for a console release is likely. Regardless, at this time, Starry Studio, the developers of Once Human, seem to be focusing on polishing the game and delivering a solid experience for those on Steam.

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Once Human is still in beta, with a new test starting on January 4, 2024. Anyone curious to try the game can register here for a chance to experience it. As previously stated, the PC release window is expected to be Q3 2024. So, if a console launch is to happen, it won’t be until sometime in 2025. However, we will update this article if any console port announcements are made. Until then, make sure to head to our Game Hub for more news on Once Human.


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