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Nightingale: How to Solve Puzzle Cores

If you want to unlock some truly excellent rewards in Nightingale, you’ll need to know how to solve the challenging Puzzle Cores.

Puzzle Cores are one of the many interactables you can discover while exploring the many worlds of Nightingale. These distinctive, musical puzzles are quite challenging, especially if you don’t know the correct way to solve them. However, the effort is worth it, as the rewards they hold are incredibly useful. Fortunately, once you know their solution, solving them will be no trouble at all.

How to Solve Puzzle Cores in Nightingale

To solve Puzzle Cores in Nightingale, you must watch the sequence in which the crystals light up and then activate each one in the same sequence. The first crystal will light up and emit a chime, followed by the next, and so on. Once they’ve all lit up, you’ll need to activate them in the exact same order. All Puzzle Cores in Nightingale are solved this way, although the order will change with each one.

Once you’ve activated them all in the correct order, the sealed room will be unlocked, and you can claim your prize. There are several rewards you can unlock from these Puzzle Cores. These include new crafting recipes and even new special abilities, such as increased jump height. They’re worth hunting down and solving, as they’re relatively easy to do.

A Puzzle Core in Nightingale
A crystal lighting up in a Puzzle Core
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If you’ve found a Puzzle Core and can’t quite figure it out or see one in the distance but don’t have time for it, you can come back at a later time. Each one is saved on your map when you discover it. This allows you to easily locate it when you’re ready for it. That’s everything you need to know about Puzzle Cores in Nightingale. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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