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Nightingale: Can You Play Offline?

Nightingale is one of the latest survival games to come out on Steam, and players are wondering if they can play it offline.

Fans of survival-crafting games have been spoilt for choice recently, with the likes of Palworld, Enshrouded, and now Nightingale all launching in the past month. This means that splitting your time across all the games with friends might be difficult, and you’ll probably want to check out one of the games on your own. So, here are all the details you need to know on whether you can play Nightingale offline.

Can You Play Nightingale Offline?

No, you can’t play Nightingale offline, and must be connected to the internet to play the game. However, the developers are planning to add the feature in the future.

According to a recent update on the official website, the Nightingale team “made a choice early in development between supporting co-op from day one or focusing development on an offline mode.” Unfortunately, for those who want an offline mode, co-op took precendance during development.

In-game Screenshot

When Can We Expect An Offline Mode in Nightingale?

There is no official confirmation for when offline mode will be added to Nightingale. However, the developers have stated that they will be “prioritizing and developing an offline mode that [they] plan to release as soon as feasible.”

The developers have mentioned to keep an eye on their socials and the Discord in the coming weeks as they plan to unveil upcoming updates. It would be great to see an official roadmap for what the team is working on. We already know that there will be additional biomes, quests, realm cards, tools, Apex Creatures, and more on the way before the game exists early access.

That’s all there is to know about an offline mode coming to Nightingale. For more guides just like this one, be sure to head over to our Guide Hub.


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