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MW3: All Missions List & Campaign Rewards

MW3 has a campaign featuring several missions for players to play through with associated rewards upon completion.

Players can look forward to a significant amount of missions while looking to stop Makarov throughout the story of Call of Duty: MW3. Some are the new open combat missions that allow players to change load-outs and explore bigger areas to complete their tasks. There are also the standard linear missions that are a series staple. Completing a mission grants in-game rewards for the multiplayer and zombie modes. Below is a list of every mission in the MW3 campaign and their respective rewards.

This article contains the names of each mission, which could be considered a spoiler.

MW3 Full Mission List with Campaign Rewards

There are 14 missions in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Each one will take you between 5 and 30 minutes to complete and offers a reward that you can use in the Multiplayer mode. Below is every mission in the MW3 campaign and their rewards:

  1. Operation 627
    • Reward: Breather Calling Card
  2. Precious Cargo
    • Reward: 30 min. Double XP Token & and 30 min. Double Weapon XP Token.
  3. Reactor
    • Reward: Corso (Operator)
  4. Payload
    • Reward: Ghillie Guy Calling Card
  5. Deep Cover
    • Reward: 30 min. Double XP Token & 30 min. Double Weapon XP Token
  6. Passenger
    • Reward: None
  7. Crash Site
    • Reward: Pathfinder (Operator)
  8. Flashpoint
    • Reward: Toxic Drip Calling Card
  9. Oligarch
    • Reward: 1 hour Double XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  10. Highrise
    • Reward: Doc (Operator)
  11. Frozen Tundra
    • Reward: Skull Rhapsody Calling Card
  12. Gora Dam
    • Reward: 1 hour Double XP Token & 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  13. Danger Close
    • Reward: Jabber (Operator)
  14. Trojan Horse
    • Reward: Soapy Emblem and Brogue Weapon Blueprint
MW3 Mission Screen
In-Game Screenshot

The MW3 campaign should take players around 4-7 hours to beat, depending on the difficulty they play on and their skill with the game. The missions and campaign rewards are good reasons to complete the narrative before the multiplayer and zombie modes launch next week.

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