MW3 Ghost

Does Ghost Die in MW3?

The MW3 campaign contains high stakes where no character is safe, and many are wondering if Ghost makes it out alive.

The game’s story has players stepping into the shoes of different operators as they work to stop Vladimir Makarov. Many prominent characters return, such as Price, Gaz, Farah, and Ghost. As the latter is a fan favorite, many want to know if the mysterious soldier lives on by the end of the campaign. Below, we explain what happens to Ghost in the MW3 story.

This article contains spoilers for the MW3 Campaign.

Does Ghost Die in MW3?

No, Ghost does not die by the end of the MW3 campaign. While another character meets their end within the game’s story, Ghost is spared in this entry.

Shocking for many, as players were beginning to believe he would follow the same route as he did in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 and be killed, whether by Makarov or Shepherd. However, this is not the case. In the last cutscenes of the MW3 campaign, Ghost is still standing and is paying tribute to a fallen team member alongside other squadmates of Task Force 141.

MW3 Ghost And Price
In-Game Screenshot

Unfortunately, not everyone is out of the woods yet, as Makarov, while injured, has escaped for now. Therefore, leaving the possibility of Ghost and other protagonists to be taken down while stopping Makarov from engulfing the world in war.

However, it is currently unknown if a sequel will be announced. But with Makarov in the wind, Task Force 141 will likely be arming up and going after him to ensure the world is truly safe in a sequel to MW3.

Players can at least rest easy knowing the skull mask-toting soldier is safe in this entry of MW3. Those interested in the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here for more details.