MultiVersus Is Collaborating With McDonald’s Australia

MultiVersus, the popular Warner Bros. fighting game, is jumping into our reality with a McDonald’s Australia collaboration. Here are all of the details.

Recently shut down, MultiVersus is returning to the scene with an upcoming collaboration with McDonald’s Australia. After MultiVersus shut down in mid-2023, they announced they’d be back in 2024. However, there will be more content for players to experience when the full game is released. Although there has been no reported date when MultiVersus will be back, this collaboration with McDonald’s Australia indicates that players may be able to experience the game soon. Below, we discuss what to expect from the McDonald’s Australia and MultiVersus collaboration.

What to Expect From the MultiVersus and McDonald’s Australia Collaboration

There will be 12 MultiVersus-themed tins to collect at McDonald’s Australia, which have various puzzles and activity cards inside them. They will have two famous characters from MultiVersus on the tin and will be available in McDonald’s Happy Meals. So far, there has not been an announcement for when these items will be available.

This Happy Meal toy collaboration has been seen in European countries, with little advertising, and has branched out into Canada and the US. Due to this, Australia will not need to wait long before the toy is launched. Fans of the currently in-development game will be able to enjoy collectible content while they wait to see when MultiVersus is finally fully released, which could be sooner then we think due to this collaboration.

Image Credit – McDonalds Australia

It should be noted that players who have MultiVersus, still currently downloaded, will be able to enjoy the game with no restrictions in offline mode. Past-locked content is temporarily unlocked while MultiVersus has been shut down and is back in development. However, once the game is back up and running, players can expect this feature to revert to locked content and can continue on where they left off when the open beta was online.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming MultiVersus and McDonald’s Australia Happy Meal collectible collaboration. If you’d like to find more information like this about MultiVersus, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.