Moving Out 2 PS5 Review: Chaotic Furniture Fun

I have always been drawn to quirky games for their ability to provide an escape from the seriousness often found in triple-A titles. The original Moving Out game offered me that sense of escapism at a time when I really needed it. So, when I heard about the development of a sequel, I quickly grew excited. Now that I’ve had the chance to play Moving Out 2, I can safely say that it has lived up to the hype. While the premise may seem simple, the gameplay truly shines, and it’s the perfect sequel to the original game.

After picking a unique character from the large roster of unlockable options, I set out as the newest Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T.) recruit. The tutorial at the beginning of the game was fantastic, providing clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the mechanics and controls, such as how to grab, move, and throw furniture items. It also introduced me to the different types of furniture-moving tasks I would encounter before setting me off into the bustling world of Packmore.

Characters in Moving Out 2
Character Selection, In-Game Screenshot

Unique levels filled with great challenges in Moving Out 2

In the early stages, Moving Out 2 comes across as a simple furniture-moving arcade experience, but the game quickly surprises you with unexpected scenarios. For example, I found myself in a warehouse level where doors could only be opened from one side, forcing me to consider how I navigated the level.

Another level saw me strategically moving furniture while racing against the clock to earn stars, which in turn, helped rank my character and unlock other locations. On top of that, there were hidden objectives that offered additional stars, prompting me to run around like a madman and complete the level multiple times.

The diversity of levels in Moving Out 2 is impressive. I encountered a tower apartment in Pactropolis City covered in clouds and a magical castle with turning bookshelves that close off areas on the map. There were also intriguing hidden “Arcade Levels” that demanded specific completion parameters, providing a wide range of experiences.

Moreover, Moving Out 2 introduced various challenges to earn extra stars, catered to each stage. Some challenges included completing a level without breaking any windows, prioritizing specific furniture while loading the truck, or navigating without using certain doors. These challenges added even more depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Moving Out 2 Challenges
Moving Out 2 Challenges, In-Game Screenshot

Assist Mode for solo F.A.R.T’s in need

Moving Out 2 excels with its accessibility mode, specifically known as “Assist Mode”. It provides struggling players additional tools to help complete the level much easier, especially if they are playing solo. With an increasing number of titles embracing a wider range of accessibility choices, and it’s great to see Moving Out 2 follow suit.

Moving Out 2 excels with its accessibility mode, specifically known as “Assist Mode.” It provides struggling players with additional tools to help complete levels much easier, especially if they are playing solo. These options include extended time limits, a convenient feature where furniture placed in the truck automatically vanishes, and reducing the weight of heavy items, which typically require two players to carry, for solo players.

The Assist Mode options are a great addition, and for someone like me who was playing solo, I found it particularly satisfying to revisit levels and tackle challenges without the stress. They significantly streamline the experience, and it’s a great feature for people who are seeking a more relaxed approach to Moving Out 2

Level Screenshot Moving Out 2
In-Game Screenshot

Better together, matchmaking not included

However, throughout my playtime, a prevailing thought lingered in my mind: Moving Out 2 is more enjoyable when teaming up with friends or other players. Usually, I don’t mind playing other multiplayer games solo, like Remnant 2 or Modern Warfare 2, but with Moving Out, it felt like a piece of the game was missing without a second participant.

This is made worse by the absence of matchmaking. While online play is available, it’s restricted solely to individuals on your friends list. Consequently, those looking to play with others might have to look towards Discord communities and exchange friend information to enjoy the game in its most enjoyable state.

Styles in Moving Out 2
Hidden styles to be found in-game


Another aspect that has posed a challenge for me relates to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. During my gameplay experience, I couldn’t help but notice that the load times were surprisingly long, despite the game being played on a modern console. There were several instances where this elongated loading period stood out, hindering my overall experience. Notably, this issue occurred when loading into levels, requiring a wait of approximately ten seconds or more. In an era where next-generation gaming consoles offer the luxury of instantaneous gameplay, the loading process in Moving Out 2 felt out of sync.

It’s also worth noting that this wasn’t the only situation where loading times were an issue. An equally noticeable factor was the length of time it took to load the game from the very start. Each time I pressed the start button, there was a waiting time of about 30 seconds before I found myself at the main menu. Although I’m not privy to the precise components that necessitate loading during the boot-up phase, the substantial duration is somewhat disconcerting at a time when we’ve grown accustomed to rapid loading speeds. While this isn’t a factor that would prevent me from engaging with the game, it does feel quite disappointing to face these delays every time the game is booted up.

“Moving Out 2 has yet again hit the mark”

Moving Out 2 undeniably presents itself as an immensely enjoyable game, even alongside the minor drawbacks. While the narrative is straightforward, it possesses a charm that keeps me engaged. It is at its strongest when it humorously demonstrates that attempting to simplify furniture moving technology can result in even greater chaos.

SMG Studio has truly carved out a distinct niche, and I deeply value the creative contributions they’ve made to both this iteration and its predecessor. There are moments when all we need is a whimsical and chaotic game like this to bring out a smile and a laugh. Moving Out 2 earns its place not just within the realm of party games but as a valuable addition to any gaming collection.

Considering the multitude of levels and the number of hidden surprises peppered throughout the gameplay, Moving Out 2 is a worthwhile investment. Priced at US$29.99/AU$44.95, it offers substantial value for its cost. What’s even more compelling, albeit somewhat limited, is the newfound ability to engage with friends online. With Moving Out 2, SMG Studio has yet again hit the mark, and players would be wise to rally a group of friends for this chaotic experience.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PlayStation 5, code was provided by the Publisher.

Moving Out 2 Review
Moving Out 2 lives up to the excitement of its prequel, providing a unique escape from more serious titles. Its gameplay shines through diverse levels and challenges, complemented by the 'Assist Mode'. However, lack of matchmaking affects the experience for solo players, and the extended loading times are noticeable and somewhat disappointing. Still, the game's charm and chaotic fun make it a valuable addition for anyone's game library.
Assist Mode
Diverse and Fun Levels
Easy Controls
Long Loading Times
No Online Matchmaking

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