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Party Animals PC Review: A Hilarious Party Game With Endless Replayability

During my early years in the 2000s, party games and splitscreen multiplayer were all the rage. My days were divided between school and lengthy sessions of Mario Party with my sister. This experience naturally cultivated a sense of happiness in me when it came to playing video games with friends. Recreate Games’ Party Animals could very well become the game I sink countless hours into, rekindling that same sense of hilarious atmosphere and excitement.

Party Animals is a riotous multiplayer extravaganza that captures the essence of unbridled chaos. With its whimsical cast of animal characters and arena battles, it’s a delightful entry into the party game genre.

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“It’s the kind of game that leaves you with aching sides from uncontrollable fits of giggles.”

From the moment you start playing, Party Animals delivers a laughable and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience that will remind you of titles like Gang Beasts and Fall Guys. In this game, you assume control of humorously animated animals and battle them out against other players to win. You can utilise an abundance of weapons and items, including everything from hammers to lollipops to stun guns, taking the hilarity factor up a notch.

Controlling your animal character in Party Animals is a breeze, thanks to simple button mappings for actions like grabbing, headbutting, and punching. Combining these move sets allows for creative attacking maneuvers, such as fly kicks and aerial throws, which never fail to generate laughter. Keeping an eye on your stamina adds an extra layer of strategy to the delightful chaos, and it’s always fun when another player’s character is fresh out of stamina, and you smash them off the edge.

Whether you’re duking it out in solo mode or teaming up for objective-based challenges, Party Animals consistently delivers moments of pure laughter and excitement. You can play sports, like soccer and American Football, or battle it out to be the last person standing on a sinking ship or science lab with a black hole. It’s the kind of game that leaves you with aching sides from uncontrollable fits of giggles, with few issues beyond the occasional muscle soreness from all the laughter.

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“Who wouldn’t want to be a Samurai Dog while eliminating their friends?”

The game’s visual presentation is a standout feature. Party Animals boasts vibrant and well-crafted levels that are easy on the eyes. Some levels incorporate clever design elements that gradually nudge players toward the centre as the match unfolds, adding an extra layer of excitement when two players are left fighting in the final seconds. Ultimately, while it’s only a minor suggestion, the visibility of some of the green deadly mist borders is a little hard to see. This caused a few deaths due to me struggling to discern the boundaries of where I could safely run.

Party Animals boasts significant replayability, featuring a comprehensive levelling system and a wealth of 20 maps to explore. As you progress, you’ll unlock a variety of character skins, offering plenty of reasons to keep the party going; who wouldn’t want to be a Samurai Dog while eliminating their friends?

Party Animals is designed with social gaming in mind. It accommodates both local and online play, supporting up to 8 players and offering crossplay capabilities between PC and Xbox. While this has become more of a standard feature, having local multiplayer is definitely a standout attribute of the game. Although, while you track winners of individual games, it would be a nice touch to add an overall leaderboard for extended games with friends; we all want to see who the ultimate gamer is.

Furthermore, levelling up awards you with in-game currency, which allows you to purchase additional skins. While a lot of people might be questioning the use of microtransactions in a paid game, Party Animals operates similarly to other titles where you can earn premium currency by just playing the game.

Beast Hockey

“Party Animals is an absolute blast.”

Party Animals offers exceptional value at just US$19.99 or AU$ 29.95. It’s an enticing price point for a game that delivers endless hours of laughter and enjoyment. The sheer amount of content and fun you’ll have with friends makes it a worthwhile investment, especially when the game is constantly going to be improved as time goes on.

Overall, Party Animals is an absolute blast. It’s a must-have for any party game collection and is guaranteed to create unforgettable gaming moments with friends. The attractive pricing, crossplay functionality, and in-game rewards for levelling up make it an even more enticing choice. Just remember to take breaks so you don’t hurt yourself by laughing too much.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC; code was provided by the Publisher.

Party Animals Ichiban Map Screenshot
Party Animals Review
Party Animals reignites the joy of multiplayer chaos. This incredible game features funny animal characters battling it out in hilarious arenas. With simple controls, creative attacks, and diverse gameplay modes, it offers endless laughter and excitement, making it a must-have for party game enthusiasts.
Significant Replayability
Hilarious and Chaotic Gameplay
Endless Fun with Friends.
No Leaderboards for Tracking Wins With Friends
Prolonged gaming sessions might lead to exhaustion due to the constant hilarity.

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