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What The Dub?!: Endless Laughter – PS4 Review

I love playing party games, and for a period, my Saturday nights mostly consisted of playing Jackbox Party Packs with friends. These types of party games utilise your phone as a controller by going to a specific web page and entering a room code. This is exactly how What The Dub?! is designed, too.

In What The Dub?!, players must type on their phones and dub missing dialogue from terrible B-movies or old public service announcements with whatever they want. Players then vote on their favourite answer. The person with the most points at the end of 5 rounds (default) is the winner.

“I laughed so much that eventually, something as simple as ‘Yes’ became funny.”

The game is simple and requires at least 3 players to play. It works on the basis of the more people, the better, but if you have 3 of your closest friends, you’re going to have a ball. The game has a text to voice feature, making everything you write hilarious. There are even sound effects you can utilise to enhance your answer. These ranged from simple sirens to robotic noises and even fart sounds to make your answers smell that much more.

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The scenes in What the Dub?! are dumb, but that is the point. Filling the audio gaps is easy, and it didn’t take long for me to be in stitches. I laughed so much that eventually, something as simple as ‘Yes’ became funny. The game can be extremely funny, and I can only imagine it becoming funnier with more players. Unfortunately, after a while, it starts to get a little repetitive.

The Jackbox Party Packs have so many games that when you’re sick of one, you can move onto another. Even though What the Dub?! feels like you are playing Jackbox, it’s just one game. One minute, you could be laughing uncontrollably at an answer on the screen; the next, you can’t seem to do any more than a smile. The game can get monotonous, but I think that lies with the gameplay loop.

“It is almost impossible not to laugh while playing What the Dub?!”

What the Dub?! works well in intervals. If you play for thirty minutes before moving to another party game, you’re going to have a blast. Luckily, What the Dub?! boasts over 300 video clips to dub, so no two games will ever be the same.

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By default, you have around 40 seconds to come up with a witty answer. This, to my friends and me, was way too short. Thankfully, What the Dub?! provides a few options to rectify the short gameplay. You can extend the time to over 100 seconds and increase the number of rounds you want to play. You can even apply a bad word filter and hide a room code for those streaming or trying not to let their clingy roommate join in.

What the Dub?! is a must-play game for anyone that enjoys The Jackbox Party Packs or playing party games with friends. It is almost impossible not to laugh while playing the game. People say you can’t put a price on happiness, but you can pick up What the Dub?! for less than $10, which is pretty close.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC. The publisher provided the code.

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What The Dub?! Review
What the Dub?! is a perfect game for the party game repertoire. It's simple, cheap and downright hilarious. After a while, the gameplay can become a little dull, but thanks to the game's easy mechanics, you can always return at a later date to get a laugh.
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