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Monster Racing League Launches as Free-to-Play PC Game on Steam Early Access

Flightless, the developer behind Monster Racing League, is happy to announce that the racing game is now completely free-to-play on Steam.

Monster Racing League is an action-packed auto-racer that combines speed, strategy, and endless fun. Originally, it was a paid game, but the developers have now decided to make the switch to a free-to-play model.

From the moment we started making Monster Racing League, we’ve strived to make a game focused on fun, accessible car combat. We hope our game brings racers of all ages together to create a monster of their own and test their skills!

John O’Reilly, Founder and Creative Director at Flightless

What is Monster Racing League?

In Monster Racing League, players can unleash chaos on the race track and strive for victory in multi-round races with up to 10 online players. The game allows gamers to customise their vinyl toy-inspired racers and strategically equip different ability loadouts to gain an advantage.

As the race unfolds, participants can employ:

  • Offensive Abilities to send their fellow monsters crashing to the back of the pack.
  • Defensive Skills such as EMP blasts, smoke screens, and place swapping.

Monster Racing League features stunning environments ranging from lush fields and dry canyons to snowy forests and prehistoric pastures. Players can truly rock the podium by personalising their drivers’ appearances, from helmets down to horns, eyes, and even car colour. By earning Knucklebones and XP, racers can unlock new playable monsters, cosmetics, and ability upgrades, allowing for endless customization options.

Here are some additional features you can expect from Monster Racing League:

  • Online Matches
  • Practice Mode where you can experiment against AI monsters
  • Deep Customisation Options
  • Enhanced Leaderboards
  • Controller Support

Furthermore, additional game modes and race types are in the pipeline, promising an even more thrilling experience for fans.

Monster Racing League Customisation in-game

Monster Racing League Monetisation and Premium Pass Details

In order for the developers to provide a top-notch experience, the money has to come from somewhere. Therefore, Flightless has introduced the Premium All Time Pass, priced at USD$9.99.

This pass grants drivers access to future seasonal content, and players who had previously purchased Monster Racing League will receive the Premium All Time Pass at no additional cost.

Monster Racing League is now available as a free-to-play game on PC via Steam Early Access.


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