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Incredible Soapbox Racing Game, Zeepkist, Receives Online Multiplayer

Developer Steelpan Interactive has announced the latest update for their fun soapbox racing game Zeepkist which adds online multiplayer alongside a slew of other new additions.

Steelpan Interactive – aka solo developer Yannic Geurts – has announced the much-anticipated online multiplayer update for Zeepkist. Until now, players could only enjoy Zeepkist with their friends via split screen multiplayer. Now, with the new update installed, they’ll be able to play with up to 16 other players in online multiplayer. Additionally, the update also brings a slew of other changes including new cosmetics, achievements and customisations for the level editor. Geurts spoke about bringing online multiplayer to Zeepkist.

“I’d always been a bit hesitant to add online multiplayer, as you often hear stories of the incredible amount of work such an undertaking entails. But after overwhelming interest from the community, I decided to bite the sour apple and just dig into it. Three months later (and a lot of headaches), it’s finally done! And I’ll be honest, I was extremely worth it. Playtests proved online multiplayer to be a literal game changer, Zeepkist is so much fun when playing with friends online!” 

Yannic Geurts ~ Steelpan Interactive
Image Credit – Steelpan Interactive

You can check out the online multiplayer trailer here.

What Does The Online Multiplayer Update Bring?

The online multiplayer update will bring a number of new changes alongside the ability to play online. These include:

  • Online multiplayer with rooms of up to 16 players
  • The ability to play Adventure levels and Steam Workshop levels with online
  • New level editor blocks
  • Additional skyboxes
  • New Adventure Mode cosmetics
  • Main menu music
  • A clock in the main menu
  • Holiday-specific themeing in the main menu
  • New achievements and associated hats & Zeepkists
  • Numerous fixes and optimisations
Zeepkist - Online Multiplayer Gameplay
Image Credit – Steelpan Interactive

Check out the full details here.

When Is The Update Releasing

You can play Zeepkist with friends online right now. Just head on over to your Steam library and download the update to start playing online. Additionally, if you don’t currently own it, it is currently having a 15% off sale until the 18th of November. Just head on over to its Steam store page to pick it up.

You can check out our Early Access Preview of Zeepkist here.

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