Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures

Monopoly Go: Sunset Treasures Digging Event Levels & Rewards

Sunset Treasures is the next treasure-digging minigame event in Monopoly Go, and here are all the levels and rewards you can earn.

Treasure events are fun minigames in Monopoly Go, requiring players to collect items, such as a pickaxe on the board, that allow them to dig up Treasures in a minigame. The more items you dig up, the better the rewards. Many players find these events entertaining, so here are all the details on the Sunset Treasures event.

All Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures Tournament Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures Dig Minigame event started on March 18 and will last for 4 days. Players can earn 5,650 Dice Rolls, 4 Sticker Packs, a new Shield Skin and Board Token, and, of course, a Wild Sticker.

125 Dice Rolls
2Cash Rewards
375 Dice Rolls
4Pink Safe:
Cash Rewards
200 Dice Rolls
2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
5Cash Rewards
6150 Dice Rolls
7Cash Rewards
8200 Dice Rolls
9Blue Safe:
Cash Rewards
400 Dice Rolls
10 Sunset Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
103-Star Pink Sticker Pack
11300 Dice Rolls
12500 Dice Rolls
Saharan Sapphire Shield Skin
134-Star Blue Sticker Pack
14350 Dice Rolls
15500 Dice Rolls
16Egyptian Hippo Board Token
1715 Sunset Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
18450 Dice Rolls
30 Minutes of Sticker Boom
195-Star Purple Sticker Pack
20Cash Rewards
2500 Dice Rolls
Wild Sticker

How to Earn Pickaxes for the Sunset Treasures Dig Minigame in Monopoly Go

You can earn Pickaxes by completing daily events and tournaments. Unfortunately, there will be no pickaxe pickup tiles, so you will have to gain all of your pickaxes the hard way.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to gather a small amount of pickaxe tokens by completing Quick Wins and claiming the free gifts from the in-game shop. Previously, the developers provided some free pickaxe links, but most of the time, they are just opting for free dice rolls.

That’s everything you need to know about the Sunset Treasures Dig Minigame in Monopoly Go. If you want to see more articles on the game, check out our Guide Hub here.


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