Monopoly Go Wild Stickers

Monopoly Go: What Are Wild Stickers?

“Wild Stickers” are starting to generate buzz in the Monopoly Go community, but what are Wild Stickers, and how do they affect the game?

Monopoly Go is a reimagined mobile version of the classic board game and aims to capture the core gameplay mechanics of buying properties, building houses and hotels, and collecting rent by adding additional twists of themed boards, events, cooperative play, and collecting stickers. While the franchise has always been built on pitting friends against each other, the cooperative aspect of collecting Stickers has been a popular element of Monopoly Go, but players can’t always find the specific Stickers they want. However, the addition of Wild Stickers will solve this issue.

What are Wild Stickers?

Wild Stickers are special Stickers in Monopoly Go that allow players to choose a Sticker that they are missing to complete a Sticker album. These will be high-value rewards from special events, such as tournaments, milestones, etc., so they won’t come easy. Best of all, you can even choose a Gold Sticker after obtaining a Wild Sticker.

This is a feature that many players would welcome due to the difficulties that surround acquiring specific Stickers. Many players receive multiple duplicates of a particular Sticker, while others remain elusive. Therefore, having the ability to pick a specific Sticker will alleviate frustration and keep players more invested in Monopoly Go.

How to Earn Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go

You can earn Wild Stickers from special events and from the Vault as your final reward. Unfortunately, this Sticker will be unaffected by Sticker Boom, so you won’t be able to claim an additional Wild Sticker while this effect is active.

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Wild Sticker FAQs

Monopoly Go answered many frequently answered questions on the official Discord channel. Here are the full FAQs:

How do I earn a Wild Sticker?

Wild Stickers are extremely high-value rewards that players can earn during special events and also from the Vault as their final reward.

How do Wild Stickers work?

When a player has received a Wild Sticker, they’ll be shown a list of all of the Stickers in the current album that they’re missing. Players must then select one of those missing Stickers. The player will then receive a copy of that Sticker.

Can I pick ANY Sticker with a Wild Sticker? Even a Gold Sticker?

You can pick any Sticker that you do not already have in your collection. Yes, even Gold Stickers!

Is my Wild Sticker choice final?

Yes. Once a player has selected a Sticker and confirmed their choice, they cannot undo their selection. However, there will always be more Wild Stickers out there to earn!

Can I pick which sticker I want from my Wild Sticker at a later time?

No. A player must use a Wild Sticker the moment they’ve earned it.

Can I use a Wild Sticker to complete my Set or my Album?

Yes! That’s the beauty of Wild Stickers. If the Sticker you select will complete a Set (or even the entire Album), you’ll get the rewards just as if you’d received the Sticker from a pack.

Will Sticker Boom affect the Wild Stickers?

No, even if Sticker Boom is active, you’ll only be able to choose 1 sticker.

That’s everything you need to know about Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go. We’ll be sure to update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

  1. Thank you for this article. This component “Wild Sticker” is such a wonderful addition to game. It is a Hugh boost to “free-gamers” who love playing the game just as you played at home with family and friends. Please integrate this component in the expansion of the game. Consider something for dice rolls as well! 😊
    Happy Monopoly Go player!


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