Melvor Idle Atlas of Discovery Key Art

Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery Expansion Launches in September

Jagex and Games by Malcs are happy to announce the latest expansion for Melvor Idle, Atlas of Discovery, releasing in September.

Melvor Idle is a RuneScape-inspired idle experience, that captures the essence of what makes the beloved MMO captivating and strips it down to make it a welcoming experience for all players.

What is New in the Altas of Discovery Expansion for Melvor Idle?

Atlas of Discover introduces two new skills, a brand-new game mode, and plenty of additional content for players to enjoy.

With the addition of the brand-new Cartography skill, players can embark on a journey to explore the vast world of Melvor. This means they can uncover new areas on the World Map, and use the Archaeology skill to uncover Artifacts hidden beneath the surface.

Furthermore, the expansion brings new Combat Areas, Slayer Areas, and Dungeons. There are over 600 new items and fresh combat techniques, such as Unholy Prayers and the formidable Barrier mechanic, to master the art of combat.

Melvor Idle Atlas of Discovery Key Art

Here is everything you can expect in the latest Melvor Idle expansion:

  • 2 New Skills: Cartography and Archaeology  
  • New Gamemode: Ancient Relics Mode  
  • 600+ New Items  
  • 46 new Monsters  
  • 8 new Combat Areas  
  • 3 new Slayer Areas  
  • 5 new Dungeons  
  • 10+ new Pets  
  • New Unholy Prayer Book with 17 new Unholy Prayers  
  • New Combat Mechanic: Barrier  
  • New Equipment Slot: Gem Slot  
  • New Tier of upgraded Combat gear  
  • 2 new Trees in Woodcutting  
  • 2 new Ore nodes in Mining  
  • 2 new Potions in Herblore  
  • 1 new Summoning Familiar for Barrier which synergises with many existing Familiars.  
  • Brand new items to create in Smithing, Fletching, Crafting and Runecrafting.  
  • New Astrology Constellation  
  • 2 new Ancient Magicks Spells  
  • 2 new Alt Magic Spells  
  • 2 new Magic Auroras  
  • 2 new Magic Curses  
  • 3 new Agility Obstacles  
  • New Skill Upgrades in the Shop 
  • 20 new Township Tasks  

When Does Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery Release?

Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery launches on Steam, Android and iOS on 7 September 2023. 

If we are going off the pricing from the previous expansion, Atlas of Discovery should be available for USD$3.74 / AUD$7.50.

Melvor Idle Atlas of Discovery in-game Screenshot

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