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Lords of the Fallen: All Difficulty Options

Lords of the Fallen is a very tough game, but what difficulty options do players have to help make it a little easier or even harder?

Soulslike games are typically very challenging, promoting skill-based gameplay and learning through trial and error over traditional difficulty options. Lords of the Fallen wants to give players a challenging experience, one that pays respect to the genre’s famous difficulty. However, does Lords of the Fallen offer players any difficulty options to help out when the going gets to tough, or to make it harder if they so desire?

Lords of the Fallen Difficulty Options

Lords of the Fallen does not have any difficulty options. The game has one standard difficulty that cannot be changed at any time during your playthrough. However, you can make the game easier or harder in 2 different ways: playing through the New Game+ mode or by selecting a specific class.

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New Game + is unlocked after beating the main story once and greatly increases the overall difficulty. However, if you want to change your difficulty immediately in Lords of the Fallen, then you’ll need to pick a specific class. Each class has been tailored towards different levels of skill with soulslike games. To make your game easier, play as the following classes:

  • Blackfeather Ranger
  • Hallowed Knight
  • Mournstead Infantry
  • Partisan
  • Udirangr Warwolf

To make Lords of the Fallen harder, select these classes:

  • Condemned
  • Exiled Stalker
  • Orian Preacher
  • Pyric Cultist
Player fighting a boss in Lords of the Fallen

It is also important to note that a lot of Lords of the Fallen’s early game has been designed to get newer players used to the difficulty spikes. According to Lords of the Fallen’s creative director, Cezar Virtosu, in an interview with Games Radar+, the game has a “lengthy onboarding experience, because the difference between motivation and frustration is understanding why you failed or what the game wants you to do.”

Nevertheless, don’t expect to see “Easy,” “Normal,” or “Hard” modes from the start or any way to alter enemy health and damage. Lords of the Fallen is very much a game for fans of soulslike titles such as Elden Ring and is less accessible for newcomers to the genre.

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