Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes v.1.1.214

Lords of the Fallen Releases New Patch to Squash More Bugs

Lords of the Fallen is continuing to release updates to improve performance and squash bugs on PC.

The latest update, Patch v.1.1.214, aims to improve stability, improve optimisation, fix balancing issues, fix bugs, and increase the overall performance of Lords of the Fallen. Here are all the changes:


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when interacting with the vestige, under very specific conditions.
  • To all AMD GPU users, make sure to update to latest drivers, as AMD has pushed specific driver fixes for Lords of the Fallen.
  • To all nvidia GPU players, we highly recommend to update to latest, too.


  • The navmesh has been optimized further to avoid potential hiccups and micro-stutters– Reverted in hotfix 215
  • Revised some global textures to reduce memory usage without any apparent loss in visual quality.
  • Collisions within a secret arena at Bramis Castle (with a group of enemy drones) have been optimized and adjusted.
  • We have heavily optimized the game thread for calculating navmesh, adhering to a maximum processing time budget.
  • Umbral eggs have been optimized to check for player position only after they’ve been opened. What came first? The umbrie or the egg?
  • Collision optimizations in the Lower Calrath storehouse surroundings.
  • Several additional collision optimizations have been implemented to free up memory and improve the game’s performance.
Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes v.1.1.214
Lords of the Fallen – In-game Screenshot


  • Fixed an issue in which the client could lose the ability to move under certain conditions.
  • Ensured that health, mana and sanguinarixes are refrehsed whenever you join coop or pvp, and when getting back to your world. Invaders, tho, will have half of their sanguinarixes when they spawn, to avoid endless battles.


  • The Parry Guard protection has been increased to 80%, as announced in today’s stream with Fightin’ Cowboy. It also avoids receiving any elemental damage or ailment.


  • Ruiners now have a higher chance to trigger their fearful charge.
  • Ruiners now aim their shield fire attack at players more accurately. Beware!
  • Parasites now follow their hosts more quickly to prevent them from straying too far when the player pulls the host far away. If they are blocked, they will teleport to the host to aid players who are siphoning them by staying close.
  • We found an issue where Pilgrim’s Perch pilgrims could sometimes shoot through certain structures. This issue has now been fixed.


  • We observed an instance where Reinhold’s stab attack was propelling the player in a random direction. This issue has now been fixed in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Menacious Visage will now react correctly with the camera if the player is positioned between the boss and the camera.

Level Design

  • A puzzle involving umbral platforms at the Empyrean could be exploited by using soulflay on one of the platforms from a specific angle.
  • A streaming volume has been adjusted in Pilgrim’s Perch to ensure that some assets don’t appear too late for the player.
  • Adjusted the region scalars of the enemies behind the frozen door to better match the player’s level.
  • Revised the obstacles in one of the shortcuts to no longer force the player to go through the Umbral fully; now it can be crossed by simply raising the lamp.
  • Slightly adjusted the backstab tutorial to prevent the enemy from sometimes going through the fence.


  • The collisions of two umbral walls in Lower Calrath have been reviewed and updated.
  • Various ramps and staircases that didn’t offer smooth navigation have been improved.
  • Two ground tiles that were causing issues with Delyth’s attacks, preventing her from reaching the player, have been fixed.
  • Collision issues in the Deep Forest have been addressed to prevent enemies from getting stuck in certain situations.
  • Collision issues in the Deep Forest have been fixed to improve player navigation and prevent invisible blockers.
  • Collisions in Upper Calrath have been adjusted to provide smoother player navigation and eliminate small steps.
  • Collisions in Lower Calrath’s Alehouse have been improved to better support jumping gameplay and prevent players from falling off on the other side.
  • Multiple collision fixes in Lower Calrath have been implemented to ensure the AI’s navigation mesh functions correctly.
  • A rock that previously lacked collisions now has proper ones.
Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes v.1.1.214-1
Lords of the Fallen – In-game Screenshot


  • Several armor sets, including the Marksman Armour, Sin-Piercer belt, and Condemned chest, have been adjusted to address minor clipping issues that occurred when using extreme character sizes (strong or thin).
  • A few fire decals in Lower Calrath have undergone further optimization and visual enhancement.
  • Fixed an issue where a bush was clipping through a wall in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
  • Camera vibrations on some elevators have been adjusted to reduce exaggerated camera shakes.
  • Fixed a soulflayable spirit that was hard to hit due to the art surrounding it.


  • Fixed a display issue for stackable items sold in vendors, where it could show a higher number than the actual available purchaseable amount after going through an anchor once.
  • Improved navigation on Faction Shrines with a gamepad, so you don’t have to go all the way down to move from tier to tier.
  • Increased the password limit for multiplayer to 8 characters.
  • Removed a prompt warning of the presence of an umbral path from a boss arena, and it now only appears after the fight is over.
  • Interact prompts sometimes were not displaying the correct keybinding, depending on the chosen key.

Steam Deck

  • Fixing the red eye issue on the Steam Deck is proving to be more challenging than we initially expected, and VALVE themselves are lending a hand. In the meantime, we’ve ensured the Scarlet Shadow doesn’t spawn, until he’s been fixed. So anybody blocked by this, should be able to proceed normally – the Scarlet Shadow will be back soon.

That’s all the changes in Patch v.1.1.214 for Lords of the Fallen. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all the latest news and guides on the game.


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