The Dark Crusader holding a sword in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of The Fallen: The Best Weapons & How to Unlock Them

Lords of The Fallen tasks players with stopping the dark god Adyr, but to do that, you’ll need the best weapons to aid in your quest.

There are plenty of weapons in Lords of the Fallen, but only a handful are worth your time. The best weapons increase your stats while also helping you turn the tide more in your favor, even in some of the toughest of battles. Below are the best arms to have in your arsenal and where to find them.

Pieta’s Sword (Short Sword)

Location: Skyrest Bridge, traverse into the Umbral World, and locate the merchant Molhu. Offer the Remembrance of Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, and the short sword will be unlockable.

Stat Requirement: Radiance – Level 25.

Pieta’s Sword is a great early-game weapon and a great choice for those building into Holy and Radiance in Lords of The Fallen. As it is a short sword, it allows for faster attacks, and if equipped with a shield, it will give you both defense and offense tactics.

Lords of The Fallen Pieta's Sword
Pieta’s Sword, Image Credit – PC Gamer

Hallowed Praise (Short Sword)

Location: Pilgrim’s Perch. After leaving the vestige, cross the plank and defeat the enemies there. Phase into the Umbral world, and a ladder will appear. Climb it to find a swinging section and cross until you are at the furthest platform with more enemies. The sword can be picked up on that furthest platform.

Stat Requirement: Agility – Level 12.

The Hallowed Praise is one of the best choices in the early stages of Lords of The Fallen. It has a great mix of physical and holy damage. Adding to that is its high-valued bleed, allowing enemies to take even more damage.

Lords of The Fallen Hallowed Praise
Hallowed Praise, Image Credit – EternityInGaming

Bloodlust (Short Sword)

Location: Fitzroy’s Gorge. After the Crimson Rector Percival’s boss encounter in a chest.

Stat Requirement: Agility – Level 13. Inferno – Level 13.

The most impressive aspect of the Bloodlust is that it deals both bleed and burn damage. The sword also has a bonus ability where it feeds some lost HP back to the player after defeating an enemy. Bloodlust is a good choice as an all-around weapon for those looking for survivability in Lords of The Fallen.

Lords of The Fallen Bloodlust
Bloodlust, Image Credit – Pro Game Guides

Bow of the Convert (Bow)

Location: Rooftop of the slums in Lower Calrath. After passing an emergence effigy, head up the slanted wooden planks and deal with the Infernal Enchantress (unless you went back to Axiom). There will be a Bringer of Stillness just before the bow. After defeating it, make a U-turn to your left, and the bow will be on a body near the fence.

Stat Requirement: Agility – Level 16.

Although using a bow may seem unpopular in Lords of The Fallen, the Bow of the Convert may change your mind. The weapon has stats of 80 in Bleed, Burn, Poison, and Frostbite ailments. Therefore, players can strike enemies with many status debuffs with each arrow, making it a viable weapon, especially if you want to keep your distance.

Lords of The Fallen Bow of The Convert
Bow of the Convert, Image Credit – The Nerd Stash

Hushed Saint’s Halberd

Location: Skyrest Bridge. Offer the Remembrance of the Hushed Saint to Molhu to receive the halberd.

Stat Requirement: Strength – Level 19. Agility – Level 16.

Players looking to use something that backs a big punch will want to use the Hushed Saint’s Halberd. Its base physical damage is 107, but it also applies 150 poison damage to your target, a good two-for-one damage application to look into for Lords of The Fallen.

Lords of The Fallen Halberd
Hushed Saint’s Halberd, Image Credit – PC Gamer

Hammer of Holy Agony

Location: In the locked area at the Vestige of Blind Agatha. After unlocking the door using the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, traverse the area until you pass an Umbral flowerbed. Head straight and take a right down a slope; after following a narrow passageway and you are outdoors, transition to the Umbral and see a bone bridge between you and a crossbowman away from you. The hammer is on the bridge.

Stat Requirement: Strength – Level 13. Radiance – Level 13.

The Hammer of Holy Agony is a great heavy weapon choice for those wanting something that covers many bases in Lords of The Fallen. The weapon not only deals physical and holy damage but also creates bleed buildup, allowing for massive damage against your enemies after continuing to build up the bleed ailment.

Lords of The Fallen Hammer of Holy Agony
Hammer of Holy Agony, Image Credit – PC Gamer

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