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Lethal Company: What Is Overtime Bonus & How to Get it

Lethal Company rewards players with an Overtime Bonus if they meet certain conditions. Here’s how you get it.

Players earn money by putting their lives on the line in Lethal Company. Of course, while the regular income you’ll make from selling scrap is a decent incentive, the extra cash you get from an Overtime Bonus makes the deal even sweeter. However, to get that, you’ll first need to meet a number of conditions. Fortunately, below, we’ve explained everything you need to know to get the most cash in Lethal Company.

What Is Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company?

The Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company is additional money you get by surpassing your quota. You can only get the Overtime Bonus by selling all of your scrap on the final day (third day). If you exceed your quota before the final day, you will not get the Overtime Bonus. The amount of bonus you get will increase the more you surpass your quota. So, make sure to collect some of the more valuable loot in order to make the most money.

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How to Get a Big Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company

To get the biggest Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company, you need to prioritize collecting high-tier loot. You should also ensure that you recover your teammates’ bodies if they die so you don’t incur any fines. Here’s everything you can do to ensure you get the biggest Overtime Bonus:

  • Visit the Dine, Rend, and Titan moons for the best loot
  • Avoid visiting the same moon too many times in a row, as it gets tougher with each visit
  • Make sure no teammate dies, or at least recover their body to avoid fines
  • Collect only the most valuable loot to ensure you’re not wasting time

That’s everything you need to know about the Overtime Bonus. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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