Lethal Company Teleporter

How to Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

Teleporters in Lethal Company help get you out of challenging situations, and we have all of the details on how to use them to your advantage.

As many dangers lurk around both in and outside of the facilities in Lethal Company, players have means of being brought back to safety. The Teleporters are the method to help bring you back, and those curious about how to use the device can refer to the guide below.

How to Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

A couple of steps must be taken to utilize the Teleporter in Lethal Company, but first, make sure it is purchased from the Ship’s Terminal Computer. Afterward, a player must remain on the ship to operate the teleporter and focus the camera at the Teleportation station on the intended player to teleport out. Here are the steps required to use it:

  1. Beside the camera terminal is a case with a red button in it.
  2. Hit the button to begin teleporting your targeted player.

Communication is vital as the teleporter takes more than one person and only a few seconds to complete. Players must notify each other when they need to be moved and who needs to be teleported, so ensure you are talking to your teammates when using the device in Lethal Company. Also, players must note that anyone being teleported will lose any salvage they have on them, as the teleporter is meant to be a last-minute fail-safe for players to use.

Teleport Button Lethal Company
Image Credit – Prima Games

How to Get the Teleporter in Lethal Company

The Teleporter can be purchased from the Ship’s Terminal under “Ship Upgrades” for 375 c. Once players have earned enough currency in Lethal Company and bought the device, it will be automatically installed on the player’s ship to be used.

As the game involves salvaging loot to sell, it will take some time to accumulate the necessary wealth, but the purchase is worth it. When playing with many people, the Teleporter will help save you or your teammates from an untimely death at the hands of the many dangerous monsters that lurk in the game.

Now that you know how to acquire and use the teleporter in Lethal Company, head to the Game Hub for more guides on the game.


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