Leaked Stellar Blade Demo Could Hint at PlayStation State of Play

The leaked Stellar Blade demo may seem like a mishap, but could it be leading to a PlayStation State of Play?

Recently, Sony leaked a demo for Stellar Blade. Players could access the demo from the PlayStation Store before it was eventually taken down. Although demos for games are not uncommon, there was no announcement for it. It begs the question if there is another PlayStation State of Play in the works, with the release of the Stellar Blade demo being a part of it?

Could a PlayStation State of Play Be On The Way?

Yes, another PlayStation State of Play is likely to happen very soon. It will likely take place between Tuesday, March 12, and Friday, April 26, 2024. This would coincide with the release date of Stellar Blade. The gap for a new event may be long, but the demo release will likely coincide with the State of Play.

While there is no official information on the new State of Play coming, in the past, PlayStation has released demos during the event. Recently, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth had a demo for players to try that launched after the PlayStation State of Play. As Stellar Blade is the next big action-adventure title for the PlayStation 5, a new event could showcase more Stellar Blade and possibly future titles.

Stellar Blade character lineup screenshot
Image Credit – PlayStation

PlayStation has dropped many last-minute announcements for their State of Play events. Most notably, the recent February event was announced only a week beforehand. However, until we hear an official confirmation from Sony about the new PlayStation State of Play, we can only hope for the time being.

That is everything we know currently about a new PlayStation State of Play heading our way. Although there are no official details, we will keep you posted here if any further information is brought forward. Until then, if you wish to learn more about Stellar Blade, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.


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