Korean Cheerleading Superstar Lee Dahye Promotes Stellar Blade By Cosplaying

Sony has recruited South Korean influencer and cheerleading superstar Lee Dahye to cosplay as Stellar Blade’s protagonist, Eve.

Stellar Blade’s marketing department is having the time of its life whipping up new promotional content for the game. From the recent demo that offers a generous portion of the game for players to try to a plethora of interviews discussing every facet of its gameplay and, of course, its protagonist, Eve, there’s no shortage of Stellar Blade content out there. Well, it seems like they aren’t quite done. They’ve now hired a South Korean influencer to cosplay at the game’s launch event.

Sony Hires Lee Dahye to Promote Stellar Blade

Sony is kicking the Stellar Blade promotion wagon up a notch by hiring Lee Dahye, the Korean cheerleading superstar, to cosplay as the game’s protagonist, Eve. This is all a part of the game’s official launch event in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lee Dahye will be there, in full cosplay, to meet and greet fans who have pre-ordered any edition of the game.

Of course, this isn’t the first collaboration with a Korean influencer. The game’s developer, Shift Up, has also worked with Korean model Shin Jae-eun for the body of Eve. While the character’s face has been made completely from scratch in-house, the body is based on a scan of Shin Jae-eun’s real body.

It’s clear that Stellar Blade has an angle, and its fans are, naturally, all for it. For those in Hong Kong and Taiwan, don’t miss your chance to see some excellent cosplay in person. Of course, if you don’t know who Lee Dahye is or what the fuss is about, keep reading.

Who Is Stellar Blade’s Eve Cosplayer Lee Dahye?

Lee Dahye is a Korean influencer and cheerleading sensation. She initially rose to fame in 2019 as a cheerleader for the South Korean baseball team KIA Tigers. Lee Dahye later moved on to join the Rakuten Monkey’s baseball team’s cheerleading squad, Rakuten Girls. She is now a part of the Dragon Beauties cheerleading squad for the Wei Chuan Dragon’s baseball team, as well as a K-Pop sensation.

Just recently, she released her debut single, HUSH, to fan’s delight. She has also amassed an impressive 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 750,000 on YouTube. Lee Dahye is known for advertising various products on her social media platforms, including iced tea, Coke, and various clothing brands.

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