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Rise of the Ronin: Is it a Soulslike Game?

Rise of the Ronin is a fast-paced action from the developers of the soulslike Nioh. So, naturally, players are wondering if it is a Souls game.

Team Ninja, the studio behind Nioh 2 and Wo Long, has a history of creating tough soulslike experiences that offer challenging combat scenarios and unforgiving boss fights. So, it’s understandable that fans are mistaking Rise of the Ronin, their latest title, as a soulslike too. However, it seems like Team Ninja is going down a slightly different route this time around. #

Is Rise of the Ronin a Souls Game?

No, Rise of the Ronin is not a soulslike game. Instead, it is an Action RPG title with changeable difficulty settings. Rise of the Ronin will enable players to play through the entire game on the Dawn, Dusk, or Twilight difficulties, which are essentially its versions of Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Of course, this makes it stand apart from the traditionally unforgiving difficulty of Souls games, making it more akin to Ghost of Tsushima in terms of combat difficulty. While Rise of the Ronin features combat stances, which also appeared in other soulslike games by Team Ninja, such as Nioh 2, its combat gameplay will differ significantly in other ways.

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Furthermore, Souls games put players through grueling challenges of fighting tough bosses and brutal enemies that can defeat you swiftly. Rise of the Ronin, with difficulty changes, gives players access to a much more relaxed experience, allowing them to focus more on completing the game narrative and less on worrying about surviving in combat.

That is everything to know about if Rise of the Ronin is a Souls game. While you wait to defend Japan with your fellow Ronin, be sure to head to our Guide Hub for more information on the game.


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