Sony Aims to Sell 25 Million PS5 Consoles in 2023, Exceeding All Previous Records
Sony Aims to Sell 25 Million PS5 Consoles in 2023, Exceeding All Previous Records

Sony Aims to Sell 25 Million PS5 Consoles in 2023

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) continues to surpass sales expectations, with the company announcing that it sold 6.3 million units in the last quarter alone, bringing the total number of units sold to 19.1 million for the full fiscal year of FY22. Sony’s latest earnings report revealed that supply shortages are no longer a problem, with the company claiming it can now deliver a PS5 to almost anyone in the world with no wait times. Additionally, the PS5 added 2.3 million monthly active players compared to March 2022.

Industry analysts previously stated that PS5 sales had already exceeded the PS4 at this point in its life cycle. Now, Sony has announced that it plans to sell 25 million more PS5s in the year ahead, which would be “the highest ever for any PS console in history.” This goal is ambitious considering the initial supply chain issues, component shortages, and game delays that were caused by the pandemic. The PS5’s success can be attributed to the system’s high demand, the release of many exclusive games, and the trend towards “next-gen” exclusives, as well as the compatibility with many PS4 games.

As more “next-gen” exclusives are developed, it is likely that more players will upgrade to the PS5. While Hogwarts Legacy is a cross-gen game, its PS4 version will not be released until May 5, 2023. Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West’s expansion, Burning Shores, is PS5-only, and the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game will also be exclusive to the PS5.

Despite the PS5’s momentum, there have been no announcements about upgraded or streamlined versions of the hardware, nor have there been any announcements about new major franchises. Sony did, however, state that it aims to continue creating new IP, rolling out catalogue titles for PC, and strengthening live game service development, although the company is forecasting an overall drop in sales of first-party games in 2023.


Why is Sony’s PlayStation 5 So Successful?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has surpassed sales expectations and aims to sell an additional 25 million units in the coming year. The PS5’s success can be attributed to high demand, exclusive games, next-gen exclusives, and compatibility with many PS4 games. Despite forecasting a drop in sales of first-party games in 2023, Sony plans to create new IP, roll out catalogue titles for PC, and strengthen live game service development. The dominance of the PS5 has several implications for the gaming industry.

Firstly, it demonstrates that console gaming is still thriving despite mobile gaming and PC gaming growth. Secondly, it highlights the importance of exclusive games, such as Spider-Man 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War Ragnarok, in driving console sales, as third-party games are available on other platforms. Thirdly, it puts pressure on Microsoft and Xbox to keep up with the PS5’s sales figures. Lastly, the PS5’s success has implications for the wider gaming industry as game developers will be able to push the boundaries of what is possible with the PS5’s advanced hardware.

Overall, the PS5’s continued success is positive for the gaming industry as a whole, showing that players are willing to invest in the latest hardware and enjoy immersive experiences that were not possible on previous generations of consoles.

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