The Finals Invite Friends to Play

How to Invite Friends in The Finals

The Finals is the newest first-person shooter, and with players rushing to check out the game, many are wondering how to invite their friends to play together.

As the game concerns teamwork, many wish to play with their friends and enjoy the experience together. However, the process of inviting others to your squad may not be as straightforward as other multiplayer titles. The guide on inviting different friends to The Finals can be found in detail below.

How to Invite Friends in The Finals

In order to send an invite to a friend, navigate to the Social section of the game. If the friend you want to invite is online, select the “+” logo next to their username. Once the process has been completed, the player receiving the invitation should receive a notification and be able to accept the invite and join the intended squad. As the game is set up with squads of three, up to two other friends can be invited into your squad in order to fill it.

The Finals has an invitation system similar to Remnant 2 or Call of Duty: MW3, meaning players must be online to be invited. If someone is appearing offline or invisible but is on the game, they cannot receive an invitation until they change the system status to Online. While this may be an inconvenience, it is a minor one and something that players can work around very easily.

The Finals Screenshot
Image Credit – Steam

Importance of Filling Squads in The Finals

The Finals features a three-player squad, where each player is a valuable asset to the team. Therefore, having communication is recommended. Players may be more inclined to play with those they know, so inviting your friends to fill your squad may help give you that extra edge in winning a match.

As the game does not currently feature a backfill option, losing a team member leaves you at a big disadvantage when competing against others. Thus, ensuring you have people you know who can stay for the duration of the match will help you stay on an even playing field.

That is everything on how to invite your friends to The Finals. Anyone wanting more details on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.