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Sniper Inactivity Kick Fix in Call of Duty: MW3: Why Are You Being Kicked?

Players are receiving inactivity kicks while playing Call of Duty: MW3; luckily, there is a fix for those experiencing it.

The new Call of Duty series entry returns to faster movement speed and encourages players to always be on the move. However, there are always going to be some who prefer a more relaxed approach, such as hunkering down or even just sniping. At the moment, though, there is currently an issue that prevents such gameplay styles. Below are details on how to avoid being kicked from a lobby due to inactivity.

Why am I Being Kicked for Inactivity in Call of Duty: MW3?

Players not moving for a set amount of time are kicked for inactivity and, therefore, must be moving frequently. You may be hit with the warning if you prefer to mount on objects and hold a choke point or use your sniper. The feature is set up to ensure players are not grieving any matches by remaining idle and, therefore, is sensitive regarding how long the player remains still.

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Call of Duty: MW3 Screenshot (Image Credit – Activision)

While this may be tougher for those who prefer to use a sniper, you can stay still for your shots. However, it’s recommended that you move around after each kill. Doing so will allow you to continue playing in the match without any issues of being kicked. When mounting in the game, it works similarly to the sniping situation: mount and secure a kill before moving on and mounting again.

Why Am I Being Kicked for Inactivity When Using Killstreaks?

Using long usage killstreaks while not moving in Call of Duty: MW3 causes the player to be kicked from the match. While this is a bug and something to be fixed, a workaround is for players to use automated killstreaks such as the VTOL, Carpet Bomb, Juggernaut, etc. Anything that can be used quickly and keeps the player moving. The solution is a temporary fix until Sledgehammer Games patches the inactivity time.

The latter is currently the best way to avoid being kicked for inactivity within Call of Duty: MW3. Players looking for more information on the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.