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How to Deactivate & Spot Landmines in Lethal Company

Landmines can bring your quota to an explosive halt in Lethal Company. Luckily, we have info on how to counter them.

When you thought creepy predators in jester boxes or monsters the size of trees were already bad enough, Lethal Company added more fuel to the fire and landmines. Although the latter doesn’t stalk you through the buildings you’re salvaging in, they can cause quite a scare when they blow you up unexpectedly. Fortunately, we have the details on deactivating and spotting the pesky traps.

How to Deactivate Landmines in Lethal Company

There are several ways to counter landmines in Lethal Company, including deactivating them through the help of crewmates. Below are different methods that players can use to deal with them:

  • Deactivation
    • Disabling the landmines can only be done with more than one person. A player must reside at the Ship’s camera to monitor their team and activate the camera with the intended crew member. Once they are located, the player at the mine must click the deactivate button (right-click), which will present a code for the terminal computer crewmate. The player at the mine must have the code repeated to them and enter the sequence. Once the light goes out, the landmine is deactivated.
  • Maneuver around them
    • Players can spot a landmine’s location and move around it. While it leaves them as a potential danger later on, it is still a good option for players.
  • Self-Defense Lure
    • Players wanting to kill two birds with one stone can use the landmines to defeat any hostile monsters hunting them. The best way is by luring the creature to follow and trigger the mine so the beast is in the blast radius.
  • Sacrifice
    • You can make a last-ditch effort in Lethal Company for players who are willing by having a crew mate walk over the landmine to detonate it. This is a fast way to get rid of the minem but ensure the player isn’t carrying any salvage on them.
Lethal Company Live Mine
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How to Spot Landmines in Lethal Company

Players can detect mines by the loud beep noises they make and the red lights on top of them. Once players notice either of the warnings, they must be aware of their surroundings so they aren’t blown away and lose salvage money. Landmines are usually in inconspicuous places, such as on catwalks, pipes, or corners near doors.

It is recommended that players listen closely whenever they enter new locations in the event that there are mines in the vicinity.

Now that you know about landmines and how to take care of them in Lethal Company, make sure to take care of yourself by referring to the guides in our Game Hub.


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