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Helldivers 2: Do You Need PlayStation Plus?

Helldivers 2 pits players against galactic threats, but can you drop down and fight without PlayStation Plus?

Helldivers 2 continues to expand, with players vying to protect Super Earth from threats across the galaxy. Reinforcements are needed, as fronts like Malevelon Creek are constantly contested. However, as it’s an always-online game, some players who may be interested in picking it up will need to know if it’s playable without having a PlayStation Plus subscription. Below, we dive into the details of whether a subscription is required to join the fight in Helldivers 2.

Is PlayStation Plus Required to Play Helldivers 2?

Yes, an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required in order to play Helldivers 2. As the game is always online and all playable features are online, the subscription is mandatory to experience the game. The previous Helldivers game also required PlayStation Plus. So, it makes sense that the sequel would also need it to be played.

Players interested in the game can purchase the lowest tier of PlayStation Plus, known as Essential, for USD$9.99/£6.99/AUD$11.95 monthly. By having this subscription, you will be able to experience Helldivers 2 and not experience any disruptions when trying to log onto the game. You can sign up for the service in different ways. By going online through the official website portal, in the PlayStation Plus tab on the far left of your PlayStation 5 console menu, or redeeming a purchased PlayStation Plus gift card code.

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It’s important to note that if your PlayStation Plus expires, you can no longer play Helldivers 2 until it is renewed again. You will still own the game as it is not a PlayStation Plus title and must be purchased. However, it requires a constant internet connection and PlayStation Plus subscription. Once both are active, you can jump back in and help Super Earth in the Galactic War by spreading democracy.

That is all there is to know about if PlayStation Plus is required to play Helldivers 2. If you like this guide and wish to see more, such as which sentry is best to use in the game, head to our Guide Hub here.


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