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Helldivers 2: How to Change Your Ship Name

If you’re not satisfied with the name of your ship in Helldivers 2, don’t panic. There’s a very easy way to change it.

At the start of Helldivers 2, players are prompted to name their ship. They’re given a handful of options to choose from, and it can be easy to pick the wrong ones at the moment. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to go back and change it if you decide you’re unhappy with your first pick. Below, we explain exactly how to change your ship’s name.

How to Change Your Ship Name in Helldivers 2

You can change the name of your ship in Helldivers 2 by heading to the Ship Management terminal, which is located just before the Armory on the left. Once you access the Ship Management terminal, select the first tab and press Square (PlayStation), R (Keyboard), X (Xbox Controller). This will bring you back to the name select screen, where you can choose a new name.

It’s important to note that you can only change your ship’s name after you’ve completed the tutorial mission. This involves doing your first actual mission via the global map. Below is a complete breakdown of how to change your ship’s name:

  • Go to the Ship Management terminal
  • Select the first tab
    • This will be the name of your ship type (i.e Destroyer)
  • Press Square (PlayStation), R (Keyboard), X (Xbox Controller)
    • You can see this on the right-hand side of the menu
  • Select a new name from the available options
  • Apply the name change
Ship name change in Helldivers 2

You can change your ship’s name as many times as you’d like in without paying a resource cost. However, you are limited to the available name options in the game. Once you’ve changed the name of your ship, it will be visible on the side of the hull. That’s everything you need to know about changing your ship’s name in Helldivers 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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