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Helldivers 2: All Achievements & Trophies

Helldivers 2 will have Trophy and Achievement hunters fighting with everything they have to earn all of them.

Helldivers 2 has various Trophies and Achievements for players to unlock as they work to protect Super Earth from the alien bug hostilities. Those included in the game range from the more straightforward side of things to challenging all of the player’s skill set. Below, you can find every Trophy and Achievement in Helldivers 2, including names, rarities, and the prerequisites to earn them.

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Helldivers 2: Full List of Achievements & Trophies

Players can unlock 39 achievements and trophies (platinum included) in Helldivers 2. Below, we have curated the complete list for players.

The Epitome of Super EarthObtain all trophies of Helldivers 2.Platinum
Hell DiveComplete an Extreme difficulty mission or higher with anyone dying.Gold
Hold my primary, I’m going in!Complete a full Hard difficulty mission or higher without anyone firing their primary or support weapon.Gold
Gone in 360 seconds!Complete a full Extreme difficulty Blitz mission and extract in under 6 minutes.Gold
Extractamundo!Extract with a full squad on a Hard difficulty or more mission.Silver
Caught them by Supplies!Kill a Charger with a resupply pod.Silver
Samples are a diver’s best friendExtract with at least 15 rare samples from a mission as a team.Silver
Doing your partComplete at least 100 missions.Silver
It’s the only way to be sure…Have 6 orbital stratagems in the same place at the same time.Silver
For the greater good!Kill 5,000 enemies.Silver
Kill it with fire!Kill 100 enemies using fire damage during the same mission.Silver
Get some!Fire at least 150 rounds in one burst, killing at least 10 enemies.Silver
That which does not kill you…Be injured in all limbs at the same time.Silver
The power of DemocracyKill 25 enemies with one stratagem.Silver
Fully operationalReach max rank on one ship module.Silver
Ship it!Upgrade all ship modules at least 1 level.Bronze
Nothing is bigger than FreedomDefeat a Hulk.Bronze
The taller they are…Defeat a Bile Titan.Bronze
They don’t call it Tacticool for nothin’Complete 10 tactical objectives.Bronze
Let’s call it a drawShoot off both arms on a hulk and then extract while it’s alive.Bronze
Cool guys don’t loo- AAAH!Fly at least 25 meters from the shockwave of an explosion.Bronze
Hot Potato!Throw back a live grenade.Bronze
Bot ScrapperPlay 1 Bot mission.Bronze
Bug Stomper Play 1 Bug mission.Bronze
Extractinating the CountrysidePlay a planet defense mission.Bronze
PatriotPlay at least 50 missions.Bronze
Hold my Liber-tea!While using a jump pack, knock yourself into a ragdoll state.Bronze
Eat This!Kill a bug warrior with a shotgun within 1 meter.Bronze
Democracy ain’t done with you yetHeal another player using stims.Bronze
Promote SynergyProvide assisted reload for a teammate.Bronze
Strapping young ladCustomize your Helldiver with new cape, armor, and helmet.Bronze
In the nick of timeExtract after the timer reaches zero.Bronze
The Real DealComplete Basic Training.Bronze
The long arm of JusticeKill a target at a distance of over 100m.Bronze
Stalking is illegalComplete a Stalker Hive tactical objective.Bronze
Job’s Done!Complete a mission but fail to extract.Bronze
Science is done by quantityExtract with at least 15 common samples.Bronze
They mostly come at night…Extract from a mission during nighttime.Bronze
Spread Managed DemocracyKill 150 enemies during the same mission.Bronze

That is all of the Achievements and Trophies in Helldivers 2. If you found this guide helpful and want more information on the game, head to our Guide Hub here.


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