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Hades 2: How to Get Pearls

Players will need to get Pearls in Hades 2 in order to unlock the Abyssal Insight Incantation and some Weapon Aspects. Here is how you get as many as you need.

There are a lot of very rare resources in Hades 2, and one of them is the Pearl. While you won’t need it for much, you’ll still need to get your hands on a fair few in order to unlock some very useful Weapon Aspects and even a whole new mode. Fortunately, below, we explain how to get as many Pearls as you need, as well as what you can spend them on.

How to Get Pearls in Hades 2

There is currently only one way to get Pearls in Hades 2, and that is by defeating the second major boss, Scylla and the Sirens. They are located in the last room of the Oceanus dungeon and are a non-optional boss that you must defeat in order to progress. They give you a single Pearl for defeating them, so you’ll need to go on several runs to get enough Pearls to unlock everything they’re used for.

To beat Scylla and the Sirens, we recommend you use the following tactics:

  • Focus on defeating Roxy, the drummer, first. She has several AoE attacks that can make traversing the arena a nightmare.
  • Jetty is far more mobile and can, therefore, be harder to take out. You’ll need to watch out for her slide attack, as it shoots out AoE attacks that will stun you if they hit you. She’ll also try to stun you using the soundwaves of her guitar, so avoid that at all costs.
  • Don’t bother focusing on Scylla until the end of Phase 2. Her attacks are more close-range, so you’ll need to watch out for that.
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Once you’ve beaten them a couple of times, you’ll find them pretty easy to take out. If you’re looking to farm Pearls, you could stop your run here and start again. However, Pearls aren’t really that useful immediately. So, we recommend continuing your run as normal and only getting Pearls when you encounter Scylla and the Sirens.

What Are Pearls Used For in Hades 2?

Pearls are currently used to unlock three things in Hades 2: the Abyssal Insight Incantation, the Aspect of Charon for the Moonstone Axe, and the Aspect of Momus for the Witch’s Staff. The Abyssal Insight Incantation costs 2 Pearls to unlock and is needed to unlock the Chaos Trial mode. This is a series of challenges that rewards you with Star Dust. You’ll need plenty of this in the end game to boost Arcana cards and even bond animal familiars.

The Aspect of Charon for the Moonstone Axe costs 5 Pearls to unlock, whereas the Apect of Momus for the Witch’s Staff only costs 1 Pearl. So, you’ll only need 8 Pearls in total to get everything that requires them. Here is a breakdown of everything you can unlock with Pearls:

  • Abyssal Insight Incantation – 2 Pearls
  • Aspect of Charon for the Moonstone Axe – 5 Pearls
  • Aspect of Momus for the Witch’s Staff – 1 Pearl

That’s everything you need to know about getting Pearls in Hades 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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